Logging Companies Reclaim a Good Reputation with GPS Trackers

Logging Truck GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker builds a cleaner image for logging companies.

Thanks to movies like Final Destination, logging companies have developed a bad rap, not to mention the kick-back they receive from environmentalist groups. A GPS tracker system however, can help repair the image of logging companies in several ways.

Logging requires trucks to transport logs from areas of the country known for extreme weather and small narrow roads. These variables make logging a very dangerous job. Implementing a GPS tracker means that at all times, you know where your drivers are located leaving with the keys to keep them as safe as possible.

A few ways that a GPS tracker can keep your drivers safe:

Weather advisement: US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracker system is the only one with interactive weather maps that can help navigate your drivers around hazardous weather patterns that could cause hiccups in their safe journey.

Maintenance Reminders: Loggers cannot afford to not have routine maintenance on their vehicles. Should one thing go wrong with a logger’s vehicle while on the road, not only is that driver’s life in jeopardy, but also the lives of everyone on the road behind them. Although a Hollywood dramatization, the opening scene of Final Destination depicts the horrific events that could ensue a malfunction of a part of a moving vehicle transporting logs. Through maintenance reminders, a GPS tracker will let you know ahead of time when your vehicle is due for upkeep.

A few ways GPS tracker can keep our environment safe:

Logging companies can regain a good footing with the environmentally aware by improving their carbon footprint: A GPS tracker system reduces drive time by being more efficient with routes to and from destinations. A GPS tracker highlights those with excessive idling time.

Not only does improvement in these areas help with safety, these areas also will increase the bottom line. By locating offenders of idling, logging companies can cut back on fuel costs. If idle time is even cut by five hours a week, with multiple vehicles, this equates to a large number of savings.

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