Where Are You Without GPS Trackers?


Sub-Par Business as usual before GPS tracker .

The success stories we hear from our clients makes us wonder what life was without us, especially for those who are primarily busy during a certain season.

One company mentioned the intense juggle of distributing work to 30 employees in their fleets. On some days that service call would reach into the hundreds. These days, although great for business, would drain every bit of energy from each and every person in the business. Despite the hard work, the company still felt as if they were falling behind and potential customers were falling through the cracks. This is a huge blow to a company who needs to walk into the slower months in the green. Customers do not care how busy you are, they want their job taken care of. If you cannot do the job, they will find someone else; It is a hard truth.

When the HVAC company employed a GPS tracker system, they found themselves able to not only compete in their industry, they found themselves rising to the top. The hundreds of service calls were no longer a blessing and a curse, instead, each one was taken care of in a timely manner, and given to an employee ready to take the job. GPS trackers meant each call was a new golden opportunity to advertise to the public about the stellar job they were able to do.

Where before, his 30 employees were being personally managed, which would run the dispatchers ragged. A GPS tracker system was able to house the stats and figures of each member of the fleet and where they were at all times. They gave the dispatchers the freedom and flexibility to take on more projects of more value.

This HVAC company used GPS trackers to organize their day toward exponential growth that summer. Before a GPS tracker system, their disorganization led them to entering the slower months in the red. The year they implemented the GPS tracker system, they maintained plenty of cushion to supplement months of hibernation.

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