US Fleet Tracking Exhibits GPS Tracker At PestWorld 2014: Orlando, FL

Pestworld 2014 GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is changing the game for pest management companies.

There is nothing quite like walking out onto the back deck to enjoy the cool crisp autumn night only to be greeted by a HUGE spider web! If having a spider village outside the house is not enough, what about turning on the water for a nice morning shower and sighting an eight legged friend wishing you “Top of the morning!” The last straw though, has to be your creepy crawler’s cousin right next to your pillow! EEEEKKKK!!!

Colder weather means sweaters, boots, holiday decorations, crisp cold air, and spiders!!! As annoying as ants, mosquitoes, and all other summer bugs may be, most of us will give anything to trade them all for the that one spider crawling out of our favorite pair of pants. We can all agree that no matter the budget, somehow we can always find the money to pay for pest management.

Despite the changing season, pest management companies often find themselves high in demand this time of year. To keep up with the flood of calls from arachnophobes everywhere, pest management companies will benefit greatly from a  GPS tracker.A GPS tracker can help pest management companies boost business, gain new clientele, cut costs, and save money.

October 21-24, US Fleet Tracking will show pest management companies from around the world what a game changer a GPS tracker system will be to their current business model. We are excited to exhibit our great products at the 2014 Pestworld in Orlando, Florida. With an audience of around 3,000 participants, we will have the opportunity to showcase our GPS tracker products that save pest management businesses time, money, and sanity.

GPS trackers helps pest management companies more efficiently manage the resources they currently have while freeing funds for bigger endeavors. We look forward to making new connections in the pest management world while raising awareness of how GPS trackers can take businesses to the next level.

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