How A GPS Tracker Will Gain You New Business: Part 2

Service Truck GPS tracker

Be more timely and accurate with a GPS tracker.

No matter what business you are in, your prospective customers want to know a few things about you; that you value them and you want to do all you can to keep them happy. Understanding this concept will take you far.

Timeliness in scheduling: If you get a call and take too long to schedule the service, you will more than likely lose your window of opportunity with the customer. While you are hunting your driver down to see if he or she are available to take the job, this potential customer is calling your competitors. If your competitor is on top of their game, they will have your potential customer scheduled before you have a chance to call them back. If losing that job is not enough, just think about the network of other potential clients this customer could have offered you in the future.

A GPS tracker allows you to make the most of every moment. When you receive a call requesting service in a certain part of town, within seconds, you will be able to locate and schedule a driver for the job before hanging up the phone.

More accurate invoices: Since you cannot be in multiple locations at once, you must assume that your employees and your clients are being honest. Without a GPS tracker, you have no way of knowing who to believe when a client calls and complains that they are being charged for more man hours than your technician clocked. This creates a dilemma. If the client is being dishonest, you risk hurting your relationship with your employee when you question their integrity. On the other hand if you side with your employee, and they have been dishonest, you risk losing a client and money paying a dishonest employee.

A GPS tracker system, delivers you from the duty of playing the jury. A GPS tracker will not only share with you when your employee arrives and leaves a job, you will also have access to an automated invoice. This leaves little room for human error or second guessing if everyone is being honest.

A GPS tracker system simplifies your ability to gain new customers.

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