How A GPS Tracker Will Gain You New Business: Part 1

GPS Tracker Proactive

No waiting games with a GPS tracker system.

A question we hear often is, “How will a GPS tracker system help me gain new business?” For as many times that we hear this question, the answer is reiterated over and over by our current clients. Not only do they tell us, but we also see first hand the ways we are saving them money. On our end, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to make the job you do even better. Let’s break down a few of the ways that a GPS tracker will help you gain new business.

3 Ways to show your potential customers you are willing to work hard for their business:

Less of the “Waiting Game”: When you give your potential customer a twelve hour window of service, you will probably not find a repeat of business. Your customers are looking for someone to do a good job, but in a timely manner. They do not want to take an entire personal day waiting around in hopes that you will show up early. When you do this, you are making your customer feel trapped in their home. Not only will they have to miss work, but you really make it hard for them to leave the house, should you show up while they step out for a moment.

When you implement a GPS tracker system, you are making better use of your time. Even with few employees, you can schedule jobs for your employees based on regions. Your drivers accomplish more jobs with a GPS tracker since you eliminate the wasted commute of jobs all over the map. This planning means, that you have more control over your day, thus shortening the window of wait. This will earn you major points with your customers, as you are giving them the gift of time. More insights coming in Part 2!

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