Avoid Tow Truck Break-downs with GPS Tracker

Tow Truck GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Don’t be your competitor’s commercial!

At 11pm, you get a call that one of your vehicles is stranded on the side of the highway with a broken-down truck that needs to be towed. To the average business owner, this call would be frustrating, but not as frustrating as that of a tow truck company owner. As hesitant as you would be to hire a nutritionist eating an extra large plate of fries, your customers would be just as hesitant to hire you if they say your tow truck being towed away. Broken-down tow trucks don’t bring in the business.

Towing companies must be ready at all hours of the day and night to respond to calls about jobs around the city. Many times, these companies will work with law enforcement and road-side assistance companies to line up work. Efficiency in operations is vital to managing this type of business with success.

As a towing company, you know that money is time and no matter what size your current structure is, those vehicles in your fleet need to be properly maintained and the fuel conserved.

A company without a GPS tracker system will find themselves sending tow trucks across town when a closer vehicle may be accessible. These mishap wastes fuel, increases the need for repairs, adds unneeded man hours, and wastes valuable time that could be sent on other clients.

A towing company who employs a GPS tracker will find themselves saving money in several of these key areas.

Fuel Costs: A GPS tracker system allows a towing company’s dispatcher to make the best decision on who should go to which jobs. Since GPS trackers grant the dispatcher access to a real-time map of each driver’s current location, he or she can pin-point who is closest to the job. This saves time and money on fuel costs.
Maintenance: Over time, towing vehicles experience a variety of wear and tear while commuting across town. When a GPS tracker is in use, your vehicles will spend less time pointlessly driving around allowing you to make the best use of time and mileage which in turn extends the life of your vehicles.

Don’t be your competitor’s commercial! As funny as it sounds, who wants to be towed by a company who is having to tow their own vehicle? With maintenance alerts installed in your vehicle, you jump ahead of needed repairs by properly maintaining the needs of your vehicles so they do not end up broken down on the highway.

GPS trackers offer towing companies many other benefits. Give us a call to find out more at 405.726.9900! To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.