A GPS Tracker Can Motivate Your Employees.

“Motivation” GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Give Your Employees a Reason to Work Hard

A GPS tracker will revolutionize the way you do business, but some of your employees may find it a challenge to see it as a positive, especially for those who may not have been giving 100%.

Employees will not longer be able to make those side trips they have, in the past, not been held accountable for. If they make a daily hour and a half pitstop to the same address listed as “home” in their personnel file every day…you are going to know about it.
Employees used to idling their vehicle longer than necessary will soon learn…you are going to know about it.
Employees who continuously exceed the maximum speed of your safety protocol…know that you are going to know about it.
Employee who are clocking in and not really working understand…you are going to know about it.
Employees who are purposely taking a longer route to clock more hours know…you are going to know about it.

A GPS tracker is the accountability that you have been waiting for. We will save you so much money the first month, on those five items alone. Once you experience the full line of tools we offer, you will wonder why you waited so long.

For employees already doing the job well, you will see the benefits of a GPS tracker, but you may still have those who are not incredibly fond of your cleaning shop at first. We would love to suggest a few incentives you can offer:

Employee Highlight: For those employees who are fueled by recognition, you can play to this motivation style with an employee highlight. You can select a few areas that a GPS tracker offers and keep a running total on who does the best job. Publicly recognize this employee for their outstanding achievement and motivate others to achieve the same recognition.
Implement a Rewards Program: Your employees who are motivated by rewards will appreciate the use of a rewards program. From paid hours off to prizes and bonuses, you are sure to win the hearts of these employees!
Team Fun Days: When everyone joins together to meet certain goals you set with your GPS tracker system, everyone wins. Think of a fun way to spend a day that over time can become monotonous.

These are just a few options to positively reinforce the changes a GPS tracker system will bring. While some employees may have a tendency to see a GPS tracker as negative or “babysitting,” an incentives program will flip their outlook toward finding ways they can be better for themselves, and in turn, better for the business as a whole.

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