No More Wild Goose Chases…With a Professional GPS Tracker.

Wild Goose Chases, GPS Tracker

A professional GPS tracker system can make the difference.

“Now arriving at your destination…”

Not only is your destination nowhere in sight, what IS in sight happens to be a large open field that bares no resemblance to the location you are trying to reach.

“But I’m not at MY destination,” you say scream into your smart phone, to which it replies, “I’m sorry, I do not understand ‘But I’m not at my destination.’ Would you like me to search the web for ‘But I’m not at my destination?”

“Noooooo!!!!!! You are horrible at giving directions!”

“I am trying my best, ‘Your Majesty.’”


In frustration, you key the address into your car GPS. This time, in the dashboard navigator, you see a small image of your car driving through buildings where the road that was built last year is now located. Over and over, your automated guide keeps instructing you to make a “legal U-turn if possible…”

This is a Wild Goose Chase!

You have wasted time, you are wasting gas, and your frustration level is reaching an all-time high. Defeated, you give up and go somewhere else.

Luckily for you, this trip was for pleasure and not business. But let us imagine what a disaster this would have been if it HAD been a business trip. What if you had a client’s deliverable in the back. What if the delivery was time sensitive? If you are in the service industry, what if this was an emergency house call? On the job, you cannot just turn around and go home. Your GPS tracker is your lifeblood in this situation.

This scenario is the reason that we recommend a GPS tracker for any professional business of any size. Instead of having to call the client to have them manually guide you to their location, that your personal GPS or phone failed to locate, turn-by-turn, you are being guided by our up-to-date system. Your personal GPS tracker is fine for locating the new shop across town, but not for your business. You need the real thing.

Like a folded road-map, your dashboard GPS becomes obsolete. You can always update the maps for an additional charge, but let’s be honest, with all the road construction you pass daily, how often are you going to be updating those maps? The dashboard GPS system installed in your car is not reliable enough for the business in which you attach your good name.

A professional GPS tracker is an investment well worth making. Do not leave home without it.

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