US Fleet Tracking to Exihibit at the OKC Oil Field Expo

OKC oil field expo- GPS Tracking

Come by and see us today at the OKC Oil Field Expo at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

Why we are attending: As an Oklahoma based company, we are excited about the opportunity to network with like-minded companies in our great state. Since the OKC Oil Field Expo is not open to the public, we know that each interaction is as relevant to us, the vendor, as it is to those in attendance. We also look forward to meeting companies who have the same goal: saving the customer money.

Who we hope to meet: We of course are looking for business owners and liaisons in the oil and gas industry who are seeking ways to save money. GPS tracking is a great place to start for those looking to cut costs.

How we can save oil and gas professionals money: GPS tracking knows the importance of the commute to and from job sites. For operations to run smoothly, several key success factors are granted with GPS tracking.

GPS tracking reduces fuel costs – Our oilfield customers are no stranger to large fuel costs. Getting various vehicles to and from the destination in itself is expensive. When factoring in the amount of waste involved, those numbers go up even more. Two of the biggest contributors of wasted fuel are excessive idling and unnecessary drive time. GPS tracking gives control to business owners to understand what kind of problems they are dealing with in these areas, allowing more time to mitigate the situation.

GPS tracking means less money on repairs – Continuous maintenance reminders make break-downs less likely to occur. Maintenance alerts tell drivers and managers when a vehicle should be serviced. If properly maintained, vehicles will run smoother, last longer, and cause fewer issues on the road.

GPS tracking means better organization – Having a multi-faceted system that not only allows businesses to recognize employee driving patterns, but also gives them the tools to set boundaries around designated areas, is a game changer.

Planning to be at the expo today? If so please stop by our booth to say hello, and while there, let us know how GPS tracking can change the business.

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