10.31.14 Trick Or Treat With A GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Happy Halloween!

While you are chauffeuring the ghosts, goblins, and Taylor Swift around town tonight, you may start wishing you could have the convenience of a GPS tracker in your personal life too. Although we only specialize in business GPS tracker systems, we like to think about how much easier life would be if a dispatcher was using our technology to get us to and from our personal destinations.

We can all agree that a GPS Tracker while Trick-or-treating would be very convenient. We had fun thinking of just a few of those ways.

Last minute costumes: “Daddy, I don’t have a crown to put on top of my Frozen wig!” Finding a last minute costume this close to trick-or-treating time could be a nightmare on Elm Street! A GPS tracker could help you find the closest Halloween stores that may carry this hot selling item.

Avoid Traffic Jams: Nothing is worse than getting stuck in Halloween traffic. Traffic on a regular day is bad, but being stuck in traffic with extra rowdy kids hyped up on sugar, could be devastating to the central nervous system. With a GPS tracker giving turn-by-turn instructions, you would never have to worry about Halloween congestion on the road. You could also figure out which areas of town have the most visitors, indicating where the candy is located.

Halloween night is no time for a breakdown: GPS trackers offer maintenance alerts that could remind you when your vehicle was in need of routine maintenance. Routine maintenance would mean less break-downs. The best way to keep your car from breaking down on the creepiest night of the year would be keeping up with its maintenance. This also would mean more time for candy stops. If you spend time on the side of the road instead of searching for candy, the kids would not be happy, and they would let you know about it.

So the bad news is, we cannot help you navigate your trick-or-treating via a GPS tracker, the good news is, we can help navigate your professional life. We offer so many features, you should really check out once you have come off of your sugar high.

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A GPS Tracker Would Ruin Horror Movies: Part 2

Could a GPS tracker make horror movies not so horrible?

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d dress the blog up in costume and imagine how we could save our favorite scary movie characters from the horror awaiting them down the road. A GPS tracker could give those movies a different heroic twist.

For instance, in the movie Breakdown starring Kurt Russell, Jeff and his wife Amy are left stranded in the desert on the side of the road. Amy ends up hitching a ride from a random truck driver leading them to a night of unspeakable horror.

With a GPS tracker a dispatcher would have been able to pin-point their exact location to send trustworthy help. If they still encountered the truck driver mishap, the company he drove for would have been able to track the exact route he took when he kidnapped Amy. A GPS tracker could have saved Jeff an entire movie of searching for her and they could have easily avoided said night of horror.

Any Zombie movie. Period: The Zombie Apocalypse is a large topic of interest around this time of year. Surviving a zombie movie would be a whole lot easier with a GPS tracker.

Setting Geo Fences – Knowing boundaries is critical to surviving a zombie movie. Zombies are sneaky. The element of surprise is one of their biggest weapons. Setting boundaries around vehicles that would alert characters of a boundary breach would give drivers time to plan an appropriate escape. Furthermore, with the help of a GPS tracker, drivers would gain access to another route to better outrun the zombies.

Real-time traffic alerts – A GPS tracker would allow drivers to see which roads are packed with zombies and where the coast is clear. Avoiding zombie congestion on the road is a non-negotiable and now avoidable risk thanks to the GPS tracker.

Maintenance Alerts: The Zombie Apocalypse is neither the time or the place for a break-down. One of our favorite features of a GPS tracker is the maintenance alert. Routine maintenance reminders are a good way to secure a vehicle’s health before it gives up the ghost at the most inopportune time; as one usually does in a zombie flick.

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A GPS Tracker Would Ruin Horror Movies: Part 1

GPS Tracker: No more dark alleys, back-wood roads, or graveyards.


Once again, to no avail, your favorite horror movie star fails to listen to your cries and pleas through the screen, and once again, they drive down that obvious creepy road toward their imminent demise. “If only they had a GPS Tracker…”

Tis the season to knowingly subject ourselves to the scariest movies ever made, which feature characters lost in the woods, lost in the wrong city, lost in a futuristic time, lost in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. How different would these movies be if only these unfortunate characters had the luxury of a GPS tracker?

So, in keeping with the spirits of Halloween fun, we thought we would take a look at how a GPS tracker could increase the survival rate of the characters in your favorite scary movies.

The Shining: An oldy, but a goody – Anyone who has seen this movie knows the spine-tingling feeling you had the first time you saw the words: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Seeing it now may brings a few of those chills back.

If a GPS tracker had been installed on Danny’s tricycle, giving him turn-by-turn instructions, visions of those creepy twins chanting “Come play with us Danny. Come play with us…forever…” may not be haunting our dreams today. The GPS tracker would also have helped him make his ways out of that snow maze a little faster to escape his dear old dad with the ax. Finally, a panic button would have come in handy to alert the outside world to send back-up against his cabin fever stricken father.

Breakdown (Or any scary movie that involves a broken-down vehicle): This 1997 Thriller starring Kurt Russell shows us the worst case scenario of what happens when our lives are absent of a GPS tracker.

Breaking down on the side of the road is a risky move for any character in a scary movie.A GPS tracker could save those poor souls with the implementation of maintenance alerts. Having alerts to remind them of their vehicle’s maintenance needs would keep them from being targets on the side of the road.

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Logging Companies Reclaim a Good Reputation with GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker builds a cleaner image for logging companies.

Thanks to movies like Final Destination, logging companies have developed a bad rap, not to mention the kick-back they receive from environmentalist groups. A GPS tracker system however, can help repair the image of logging companies in several ways.

Logging requires trucks to transport logs from areas of the country known for extreme weather and small narrow roads. These variables make logging a very dangerous job. Implementing a GPS tracker means that at all times, you know where your drivers are located leaving with the keys to keep them as safe as possible.

A few ways that a GPS tracker can keep your drivers safe:

Weather advisement: US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracker system is the only one with interactive weather maps that can help navigate your drivers around hazardous weather patterns that could cause hiccups in their safe journey.

Maintenance Reminders: Loggers cannot afford to not have routine maintenance on their vehicles. Should one thing go wrong with a logger’s vehicle while on the road, not only is that driver’s life in jeopardy, but also the lives of everyone on the road behind them. Although a Hollywood dramatization, the opening scene of Final Destination depicts the horrific events that could ensue a malfunction of a part of a moving vehicle transporting logs. Through maintenance reminders, a GPS tracker will let you know ahead of time when your vehicle is due for upkeep.

A few ways GPS tracker can keep our environment safe:

Logging companies can regain a good footing with the environmentally aware by improving their carbon footprint: A GPS tracker system reduces drive time by being more efficient with routes to and from destinations. A GPS tracker highlights those with excessive idling time.

Not only does improvement in these areas help with safety, these areas also will increase the bottom line. By locating offenders of idling, logging companies can cut back on fuel costs. If idle time is even cut by five hours a week, with multiple vehicles, this equates to a large number of savings.

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GPS Tracker Stops Aggressive Drivers In Their Tracks.

GPS Tracker: Seeing the warning signs.

Driving down the highway on a normal day involves risk, even for the best of drivers; Add bad weather, road construction, and traffic to the mix, and you have a greater potential for danger. This threat is magnified when an aggressive driver enters the scene.

How many news reports do we hear involving wrecks with a semi truck? How many times have we been scared out of our mind on the highway when an aggressive trucker is on our tail? If you own a fleet, finding out that a member of your fleet was responsible for a wreck involving injury or death is the last thing you want to hear.A GPS tracker cannot give you a 100-percent guarantee to always keep your drivers and business name safe, but it sure can help.

Your vehicles are an advertisement to your business. If your driver is the one on the road who is weaving in and out of the lanes, driving too close to other drivers, not using proper turn signals, or honking at drivers who are going the speed limit, they are not going to be the one who looks bad. It will be you the other drivers see.

A GPS tracker can help you identify these problem individuals who would rather risk the safety of others to carelessly get the job done. These are not the kind of people you want representing you on the road. With a GPS tracker you will able to:

1. See what speed your drivers are going and if it is above or below the required speed. Speed limits are set for a reason, drivers not following these guidelines become a liability.
2. Pinpoint consistencies in abrupt or extreme braking. If you start to see a pattern in braking, you will more than likely find an aggressive driver.
3. See hours that a vehicle is in use. Sleepy drivers are also dangerous drivers. If you find someone exceeding drive time limits, you can take action to eliminate this hazard to the highways and the lives of others.

As a business owner, you understand that the decisions your drivers make, can put a life-long red mark not only on your business name, but also your personal life. Do not allow a driver’s road-rage to leave you feeling your business was responsible for taking the life of another. Stop bad drivers in their tracks with a GPS tracker.

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Where Are You Without GPS Trackers?

Sub-Par Business as usual before GPS tracker .

The success stories we hear from our clients makes us wonder what life was without us, especially for those who are primarily busy during a certain season.

One company mentioned the intense juggle of distributing work to 30 employees in their fleets. On some days that service call would reach into the hundreds. These days, although great for business, would drain every bit of energy from each and every person in the business. Despite the hard work, the company still felt as if they were falling behind and potential customers were falling through the cracks. This is a huge blow to a company who needs to walk into the slower months in the green. Customers do not care how busy you are, they want their job taken care of. If you cannot do the job, they will find someone else; It is a hard truth.

When the HVAC company employed a GPS tracker system, they found themselves able to not only compete in their industry, they found themselves rising to the top. The hundreds of service calls were no longer a blessing and a curse, instead, each one was taken care of in a timely manner, and given to an employee ready to take the job. GPS trackers meant each call was a new golden opportunity to advertise to the public about the stellar job they were able to do.

Where before, his 30 employees were being personally managed, which would run the dispatchers ragged. A GPS tracker system was able to house the stats and figures of each member of the fleet and where they were at all times. They gave the dispatchers the freedom and flexibility to take on more projects of more value.

This HVAC company used GPS trackers to organize their day toward exponential growth that summer. Before a GPS tracker system, their disorganization led them to entering the slower months in the red. The year they implemented the GPS tracker system, they maintained plenty of cushion to supplement months of hibernation.

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US Fleet Tracking Exhibits GPS Tracker At PestWorld 2014: Orlando, FL

GPS tracker is changing the game for pest management companies.

There is nothing quite like walking out onto the back deck to enjoy the cool crisp autumn night only to be greeted by a HUGE spider web! If having a spider village outside the house is not enough, what about turning on the water for a nice morning shower and sighting an eight legged friend wishing you “Top of the morning!” The last straw though, has to be your creepy crawler’s cousin right next to your pillow! EEEEKKKK!!!

Colder weather means sweaters, boots, holiday decorations, crisp cold air, and spiders!!! As annoying as ants, mosquitoes, and all other summer bugs may be, most of us will give anything to trade them all for the that one spider crawling out of our favorite pair of pants. We can all agree that no matter the budget, somehow we can always find the money to pay for pest management.

Despite the changing season, pest management companies often find themselves high in demand this time of year. To keep up with the flood of calls from arachnophobes everywhere, pest management companies will benefit greatly from a  GPS tracker.A GPS tracker can help pest management companies boost business, gain new clientele, cut costs, and save money.

October 21-24, US Fleet Tracking will show pest management companies from around the world what a game changer a GPS tracker system will be to their current business model. We are excited to exhibit our great products at the 2014 Pestworld in Orlando, Florida. With an audience of around 3,000 participants, we will have the opportunity to showcase our GPS tracker products that save pest management businesses time, money, and sanity.

GPS trackers helps pest management companies more efficiently manage the resources they currently have while freeing funds for bigger endeavors. We look forward to making new connections in the pest management world while raising awareness of how GPS trackers can take businesses to the next level.

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How A GPS Tracker Will Gain You New Business: Part 2

Be more timely and accurate with a GPS tracker.

No matter what business you are in, your prospective customers want to know a few things about you; that you value them and you want to do all you can to keep them happy. Understanding this concept will take you far.

Timeliness in scheduling: If you get a call and take too long to schedule the service, you will more than likely lose your window of opportunity with the customer. While you are hunting your driver down to see if he or she are available to take the job, this potential customer is calling your competitors. If your competitor is on top of their game, they will have your potential customer scheduled before you have a chance to call them back. If losing that job is not enough, just think about the network of other potential clients this customer could have offered you in the future.

A GPS tracker allows you to make the most of every moment. When you receive a call requesting service in a certain part of town, within seconds, you will be able to locate and schedule a driver for the job before hanging up the phone.

More accurate invoices: Since you cannot be in multiple locations at once, you must assume that your employees and your clients are being honest. Without a GPS tracker, you have no way of knowing who to believe when a client calls and complains that they are being charged for more man hours than your technician clocked. This creates a dilemma. If the client is being dishonest, you risk hurting your relationship with your employee when you question their integrity. On the other hand if you side with your employee, and they have been dishonest, you risk losing a client and money paying a dishonest employee.

A GPS tracker system, delivers you from the duty of playing the jury. A GPS tracker will not only share with you when your employee arrives and leaves a job, you will also have access to an automated invoice. This leaves little room for human error or second guessing if everyone is being honest.

A GPS tracker system simplifies your ability to gain new customers.

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How A GPS Tracker Will Gain You New Business: Part 1

No waiting games with a GPS tracker system.

A question we hear often is, “How will a GPS tracker system help me gain new business?” For as many times that we hear this question, the answer is reiterated over and over by our current clients. Not only do they tell us, but we also see first hand the ways we are saving them money. On our end, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to make the job you do even better. Let’s break down a few of the ways that a GPS tracker will help you gain new business.

3 Ways to show your potential customers you are willing to work hard for their business:

Less of the “Waiting Game”: When you give your potential customer a twelve hour window of service, you will probably not find a repeat of business. Your customers are looking for someone to do a good job, but in a timely manner. They do not want to take an entire personal day waiting around in hopes that you will show up early. When you do this, you are making your customer feel trapped in their home. Not only will they have to miss work, but you really make it hard for them to leave the house, should you show up while they step out for a moment.

When you implement a GPS tracker system, you are making better use of your time. Even with few employees, you can schedule jobs for your employees based on regions. Your drivers accomplish more jobs with a GPS tracker since you eliminate the wasted commute of jobs all over the map. This planning means, that you have more control over your day, thus shortening the window of wait. This will earn you major points with your customers, as you are giving them the gift of time. More insights coming in Part 2!

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Avoid Tow Truck Break-downs with GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Don’t be your competitor’s commercial!

At 11pm, you get a call that one of your vehicles is stranded on the side of the highway with a broken-down truck that needs to be towed. To the average business owner, this call would be frustrating, but not as frustrating as that of a tow truck company owner. As hesitant as you would be to hire a nutritionist eating an extra large plate of fries, your customers would be just as hesitant to hire you if they say your tow truck being towed away. Broken-down tow trucks don’t bring in the business.

Towing companies must be ready at all hours of the day and night to respond to calls about jobs around the city. Many times, these companies will work with law enforcement and road-side assistance companies to line up work. Efficiency in operations is vital to managing this type of business with success.

As a towing company, you know that money is time and no matter what size your current structure is, those vehicles in your fleet need to be properly maintained and the fuel conserved.

A company without a GPS tracker system will find themselves sending tow trucks across town when a closer vehicle may be accessible. These mishap wastes fuel, increases the need for repairs, adds unneeded man hours, and wastes valuable time that could be sent on other clients.

A towing company who employs a GPS tracker will find themselves saving money in several of these key areas.

Fuel Costs: A GPS tracker system allows a towing company’s dispatcher to make the best decision on who should go to which jobs. Since GPS trackers grant the dispatcher access to a real-time map of each driver’s current location, he or she can pin-point who is closest to the job. This saves time and money on fuel costs.
Maintenance: Over time, towing vehicles experience a variety of wear and tear while commuting across town. When a GPS tracker is in use, your vehicles will spend less time pointlessly driving around allowing you to make the best use of time and mileage which in turn extends the life of your vehicles.

Don’t be your competitor’s commercial! As funny as it sounds, who wants to be towed by a company who is having to tow their own vehicle? With maintenance alerts installed in your vehicle, you jump ahead of needed repairs by properly maintaining the needs of your vehicles so they do not end up broken down on the highway.

GPS trackers offer towing companies many other benefits. Give us a call to find out more at 405.726.9900! To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.