I spy savings a with GPS Tracker: Part 1

GPS Tracker finding savings

Can a GPS Tracker can spy savings for you?

“I spy…Blown-out tires, broken-down trucks, trucks pulled over for speeding…”

If you spent any time traveling this summer you may have “spied” similar items on the road. If you work in any type of fleet management, those sites may have caused you to see red dollar signs adding up and a queasy sensation go fill your stomach. You know whoever owns those vehicles is losing money one way or another. Whether the money loss comes from replacement of a tire or a vehicle, or just the time lost on the road from the delay, you cannot afford any of it, and frankly, you do not want to.

A GPS tracker system is going to make sure that your time off of the road is minimal or nonexistent. A GPS tracker system is proactively finding ways to keep you successfully on your journey so you can do what you do best.

Every moment on the road, your fleet has an element of risk that they may break-down, but the job of a GPS tracker system is to give you a safe-guard through maintenance alerts, and reports to keep your drivers accountable to the rules of the road.

Maintenance alerts: How many times in our personal lives do we let our vehicle’s maintenance needs go by the wayside. It happens, we are human and we get busy, but the business in time will catch up to us. The same thing unfortunately happens on a larger scale with your fleet. Multiple vehicles means multiple opportunities to forget something important. Whoever you place in charge of giving your vehicles a tune-up is more than likely in charge of another task, so here and there the health of your vehicle can be placed on the back-burner unintentional.

A GPS tracker system gives you the option to place maintenance reminders on each of your vehicles based on miles traveled or hours in operation before they have a chance to break down on their commute across country to make your very important delivery. A GPS tracker system will alert you of any issues before your tire blows out on the way to a job site. Making the investment now, will lead to better success in the future.

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