GPS Tracking Allows Large Scale Events to Run Without a Hitch

Small-scale to large-scale GPS tracking can help!

In most cases, GPS tracking brings to mind companies who are constantly using the service day in day out, but GPS tracking also becomes the hero for major events which require intricate details, connections, and labor intensive timetables to operate logistics successfully. Organizations who hold annual large-scale conferences local or far away, could really benefit from GPS tracking.

Every summer in Daytona Beach, FL, two-thousand youth from around the United States come together for a much anticipated conference consisting of a large scale talent competition, workshops, activities, nightly gatherings, beach outreach, and college promotions. The conference is run by twenty-five internal entities within the governing organization, each being represented by their own booth and optional activities. The nightly meetings feature big name speakers, bands, and intense behind the scenes technology. From the moment the event ends, plans start for the next year’s event which will take up an entire large scale budget as well as additional funds received through private donations. This non-profit organization considers the event a major fundraiser and promotional tool that draws in a majority of the organizations financial support. Running this event without a hitch is extremely vital to not only the event itself, but also to the non-profit as a whole.

The organization is headquartered out of the Midwest, so many departments make the long commute across country in the organization’s vehicles carrying the extensive amount of equipment and supplies needed to coordinate every detail of the event. To maintain the daily operations up until the event, travel schedules must be planned accordingly. Over 50 designated vehicles will be making the trek, and fuel and lodging cost must be as concise and to the dime as much as possible. Timeliness to the event is mandatory in order to have ample time to arrange set-up before attendees arrive.

Needless to say, the event requires many moving parts and individuals to be where they need to be when they need to be there. I-40 has been under some major road construction known to cause major delays, so the team is in need of alternative routes to optimize the ETA or the workers and their cargo.

Expand your mind past your daily business dealings and employee GPS tracking for your next large scale event. GPS tracking makes a huge difference to getting everyone and everything from Point A to Point B without a hitch.

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