Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 3

GPS Tracker Proactive

Minimize risk, maximize efficiency with a GPS tracker system.

While being prepared for every single scenario that can take place in business is impossible, we believe that being as proactive as possible now can eliminate the risk of many issues coming up.

We left off with your desperate attempt to take a job from the referral you were given by a large name account. Unfortunately, due to your not being able to reach one driver, another driver getting lost returning from a job, and the third breaking down on the side of the road, your competition stepped up to the plate to take the job. This for sure was a loss of this client, any potential residual work down the road, and a loss of credibility with the person who referred them.

So, how could a GPS tracker system have changed this situation?

Well, this could have been wrapped up with Driver A. Instead of immediately calling this driver, while you still have the referral on the line, you see Driver A’s exact location on your GPS tracker software map. You then send an alert to their GPS tracker making them aware of their next assignment, they accept, and you promptly confirm the appointment window. The fact that Driver A left their cell phone at the last job site is irrelevant in this case since your in-vehicle communication is all you need.

As far as the other issues, Driver B would never be lost on the job, instead they would have been given step-by-step route instructions to and from their last job via their GPS tracker within their vehicle. Should they ever take a wrong turn, their GPS tracker would calculate another route keeping them aware of their location at all times.

Driver C would never have broke down on the road since a GPS tracker system installs maintenance alerts to maintain the health of the vehicle that caused it to break down in the previous scenario.

You are a new small business which means that more than ever you need the help of a GPS tracker system. There are so many more features of a GPS tracker system that you could personally benefit from, so please do not wait around for a problem to occur, implement this vital tool now.

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