Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 2

GPS Tracker Proactive

Avoid Costly mishaps with a GPS tracker system.

You are a newer small business and feel that you have the advantage over a large company because you have fewer people to manage. You are waiting until you grow more to implement a GPS tracker system, because the issues you have are small scale and you can navigate just fine the way you are.

We can sympathize with wanting to wait for a GPS tracker system; however, we believe that being proactive beats being reactive any day. So let’s introduce a potential scenario that can occur at anytime for a new small business with very few drivers:

You are a heat and air company. Friday morning you get a call from a personal referral from your only big account client. Factors that create urgency to take care of this job: You want this new business, your large account client has gone out of their way to refer you, and in a few hours you will close for the rest of the weekend.

You quickly call Driver A who is currently in the field and does have time according to your afternoon schedule. No answer. You leave a voice-mail and send a text. You then go on to Driver B who could potentially take the job, but they are currently lost coming back from a job. The panic you hear in their voice sends you to online maps frantically trying to guide them back when you get a call on the other line form the representative from your large account letting you know he referred you to a personal friend who will also be a large client. You thank him for the referral and let him know you are working on getting someone on the job as you speak. When you click back to help Driver B with directions, they have dropped the line and do not answer a call back. You try Driver A again, still no answer. Just then you get a call from Driver C, your last resort, who is broken down on the side of the road! After making arrangements to Driver C on the road and Driver B directions, an hour and a half has passed and you finally hear from Driver A who left his phone at the first job site. You inform him of the job and he heads that way which is across town. You call the referral back, but they inform you that one of the big names in town is already working the repair. Believe it or not a GPS tracker system could solve all of these issues and more.

We don’t like to think about these potential scenarios, but if you’re going to stay in business long, you’re going to have to think about this and work on a plan now. How different could this have been with a GPS tracker system? Next time we will explore this topic even further.

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