Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 1

GPS Tracker Proactive

Don’t think you need a GPS Tracker System?

If you are a new business owner with only a few vehicles and a few employees who thinks a GPS tracker system is only for more established/larger businesses, you could not be more wrong. While, yes, more established/larger businesses benefit, so do you.

You are new in town, so you are not on everyone’s radar as “The Business to Call”. This means that any potential client is important for several reasons. The obvious reason, they are giving you business themselves, but aside from that, they are your free advertisement. If you leave them with a good impression, they are most likely going to use you again and they will tell the next person looking for what you offer, about you. You may or may not be desperate for the business of every new lead, but each new voice is an opportunity to grow. If you are in your right mind, you do not want to take anyone for granted. You ask yourself, “do i really need to invest in a GPS tracker system?”

So, let’s paint an optimistic picture for you through a potential scenario that could occur:

Let’s say you are a heat and air company. It is Friday mid-morning on a hot summer day and your office gets a call from someone looking to fix their office air conditioner that will cool their weekend shift. They are in desperate need of your service and they heard about you from a friend. This individual is a personal referral from your only big account client. This is a high pressure opportunity since A, you want this new business, B, your large account client has taken the time to put their name on the line to refer you to a personal contact and C, it is Friday and you are closed for the rest of the weekend. Two of your crew happen to be finished with service calls for the day and are immediately available to respond to this new client. You saved the day, gained a new client, and made your other client a hero for referring you. Without a GPS tracker system you could get by on “good timing” or “good luck” in a situation like this. A GPS tracker system will shine when things are not so easy.

You think to yourself, the perk of being a new small business with only three drivers to manage, is that you are not overwhelmed with too many jobs right now. You can easily keep tabs on where everyone is without a GPS tracker system. What could possibly go wrong? Next time we will explore how another scenario on the same topic.

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