GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 1

GPS Tracker savings left on table

Keep a bigger piece of the pie with a GPS Tracker.

If you are a small business who has been considering making the investment in a GPS tracker system, but you still are not sure if you have it in the budget, let us show you how you can fit it in.

Once you implement a GPS tracker system and are using it on a regular basis, you will find that not only does it pay for itself, it also frees additional funds you are missing out on in other areas. The savings are incredible and too good to pass up. Our customers find that with a GPS tracker system, they find money they never knew they were missing.

So you are asking yourself what money are you missing out on right now?

Fuel costs: How frustrating are gas prices right now? Even when prices are going down they seem to be higher than previous years. We know full well that the money you spend on fuel makes your stomach churn. Could you imagine how you would feel looking at a significant decrease in that bill?

Our current customers noticed a dramatic cut in their fuel costs the first month of using a GPS tracker system. The reason this happens is a GPS tracker system forces you take a closer look at all areas of your business. You will find that drivers are taking more direct routes to their destinations, they are not having major stalls on the road with excessive idling thanks to your more accurate detour suggestions, and the added element of accountability encourages drivers to spend company time more wisely.

Maintenance: How much money did you pay last year in repairs and vehicle replacement due to mismanaged maintenance schedules? If you had to replace a vehicle, you get sick to your stomach remembering the hit your budget took with that purchase.

We find that 89% of your break-downs, repairs, and vehicle replacements could have been avoided. Although your vehicles are your lifeline, somehow their health slips through the cracks and you end up spending money allotted for other areas. This is a reactive approach. a GPS tracker system takes a proactive approach with the maintenance alerts.

Also the little known savings… Insurance costs: we have seen numerous clients reap the benefits of decreased insurance costs after installing our GPS trackers. Some have even saved enough on insurance to pay for the cost of the a GPS tracker system. Insurance companies view a GPS tracker system as a better way to understand the mobile side of your business and they see the potential to decrease your liabilities out on the road. Not every insurance company recognizes this yet, so you may have to do some convincing with your agent.

Spending money on your business becomes investing in your business when you’re saving more than you’re spending to create the savings.

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