The GPS Tracker: A Look at Road Trips Past

GPS tracker nav before gps

The GPS tracker has revolutionized the road trip!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane along with the typical trips on the open road from the past. Before a GPS tracker was even on the radar.

Road Trip 1889: Locate your compass, locate the sun, “Go West young man, go West!” No GPS tracker here obviously.

Road Trip 1985: You have a glove compartment full of maps that never seem to ever fold back into their original shape. Your co-pilot, who is mandatory to safely navigate across country, pulls out the appropriate map and begins searching desperately to locate the road you are on. The size of the roads almost require a magnifying glass to see, but somehow you find your road. All is going well until you hit road construction. The new construction zone leads you on a new quest to find an alternate route, but you still find inconsistencies on your journey that could be due to the fact that your map is dated 1979 and this map has some areas listed on your route that no longer exist on the 1985 journey. Some of us can still relate to no having a GPS tracker during this time.

Road Trip 2001: You have a notebook binder full of printed off Mapquest directions from each point of your journey to the next part of your journey. Your co-pilot, who is again mandatory to safely navigate across country, opens up to the appropriate map and begins reading off the next direction listed comparing it to the map above. All is going well until inevitably you hit the pesky road construction which yields the rest of your printed pages useless. The new construction zone leads you to a convenience store to locate a blast from the past, the bane of your existence in the 80s, a folded map. So close yet so far from a GPS tracker being installed in vehicles.

Road Trip 2014: Type in destination, “Proceed to highlighted route…” The GPS tracker in all its’ glory!

Looking back, it is hard to believe that we survived long trips across country without the convenience of a GPS tracker. How are you making it now? A GPS tracker offers you so many features that, just as GPS trackers has done for so many travelers before you, will change your journey.

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