Ready to Become the Leader with a GPS Tracker? Part2

gps tracking track log

The difference a GPS tracker can make.

For the past five years Business A and Business B have been competing heavily in their market with little room for either to become the leader. Recently Business B started using GPS trackers for the maintenance alert feature, but found that they needed it for a lot more. With the implementation of GPS trackers, Business B has found new ways to cut costs and increase sales.

In the meantime, Business A has remained the same. Two vehicles have broken down. One on the way to a site, and one was unable to leave a site. One vehicle was salvageable with a hefty repair bill, the other, had to be replaced. This cost company A a huge chunk of change not only in repairs and the replacement, they also lost a major client when the supplies they were carrying did not arrive on time due to the break down. That job, along with future jobs with this company, which were in the quarterly forecast, caused them to miss budget by a longshot.

Breakdowns were not Business A’s only issue that could easily have been resolved with GPS trackers. A few unethical employees continue to add fraudulent information into their timecard claiming overtime when they did not earn it. These same employees use company vehicles for personal use, and they take long breaks without ever turning off the engine. Business A is losing money in fuel and unnecessary maintenance is imminent with all the side trips taking place. If Business A were to use a GPS tracker, they would solve many of their major problems, but Business A feels that investing in a GPS tracker is “just too expensive…” never stopping to think, NOT having a GPS tracker is expensive!

Now that Business B is running business more efficiently and saving money around every corner with the use GPS trackers, they have been able to make some pretty significant changes. With all the money they have saved with using GPS trackers, Business B is now able to invest in a marketing company that has taught them how to vamp up their game and company B is now the leader in the industry.

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