Ready to Become the Leader with a GPS Tracker? Part 1

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GPS Tracker: Do you have the tool you need?

Business A and Business B are in the exact same field, the exact same market. They have the same desire for a certain type of client, their leads come from the exact same place. If Business A is bidding for a job, they can be certain, that Business B is quoting a price as well. They have been neck in neck for the past five years, and neither can seem to rise to the top. Where Business B is lacking, Business A steps up, and vice-versa.

Other areas they share is that they both have invested in very expensive equipment and they share an industry known for putting miles and miles of wear and tear on their vehicles.

Business B, was recently introduced to US Fleet tracking and was informed of the tremendous benefits that a GPS tracker offers to someone in their industry. Business B learned that not only can they schedule maintenance reminders, they can also keep track of the job performance of their multiple drivers on multiple job sites. Business B knew with this new knowledge they were only scratching the surface of this new found goldmine.

After implementing a GPS tracker in their vehicles, Business B put their maintenance reminders to work and learned that their tried- and- true vehicles’ upkeep was way overdue. Before installing the GPS tracker they were relying on their drivers’ memories and “gut” to service their vehicles and the money they had spent the previous years in break-downs and repairs could have been avoided. They put their new found knowledge to good use, by equipping each vehicle with the reminders, especially the newer ones, in hopes that they would last twice as long as their predecessors.

Business B also learned from the GPS tracker install that they were losing money in other areas as well. They found out that with excessive idling, inconsistent speeds, and unnecessary detours, their drivers were costing them big bucks. The GPS tracker highlighted these negative trends and drivers soon became aware that they could not fudge their time cards. With a GPS tracker, the start and stop of the engine placed a time-stamp on their record. What started out as a way to administer proper attention and care to their vehicles, highlighted for them major clean-up needed in other areas.

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