I spy savings a with GPS Tracker: Part 2

Put your money to better use with a GPS tracker.

We have all spent time on the road and have all seen the occasional blown-out remnants on the road, the broken-down trucks and company vehicles on the side of the road. All of those items cost those companies money and lost time. With a GPS tracker system, that money loss is really avoidable and so easy to save. GPS tracking leaves less room for error by installing maintenance reminders in each vehicle as well as detailed reports on how your drivers are doing.

How much money do you lose a year on repairing or replacing your vehicles? If you made the investment in a GPS tracker system, you would, in the long run, be putting your money to better use. A GPS tracker system not only pays for itself rather quickly, it also starts saving you money in areas you could not even imagine you are currently missing out on.

With a GPS tracker system, broken down vehicles become less of an issue. Your reminders and alerts tell you what a forgetful mind may not think to.

Another way a GPS tracker system saves the day is through the driver accountability piece.

Driver accountability: Without a GPS tracker system, you have to rely heavily on your drivers good word and the sign you have placed on the back of each vehicle reading “How is my driving?” Honestly, how many people even care to call you if your drivers are going too fast? As much as you hope your remote employees will do the right thing, again, they are human. GPS tracking gives you an added element of accountability, so if your driver’s lead foot may cost a ticket and a late arrival to their destination, you are going to know about it.

With a GPS tracker system, the savings will follow year after year. In our humble opinion, you could not make a better investment.

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I spy savings a with GPS Tracker: Part 1

Can a GPS Tracker can spy savings for you?

“I spy…Blown-out tires, broken-down trucks, trucks pulled over for speeding…”

If you spent any time traveling this summer you may have “spied” similar items on the road. If you work in any type of fleet management, those sites may have caused you to see red dollar signs adding up and a queasy sensation go fill your stomach. You know whoever owns those vehicles is losing money one way or another. Whether the money loss comes from replacement of a tire or a vehicle, or just the time lost on the road from the delay, you cannot afford any of it, and frankly, you do not want to.

A GPS tracker system is going to make sure that your time off of the road is minimal or nonexistent. A GPS tracker system is proactively finding ways to keep you successfully on your journey so you can do what you do best.

Every moment on the road, your fleet has an element of risk that they may break-down, but the job of a GPS tracker system is to give you a safe-guard through maintenance alerts, and reports to keep your drivers accountable to the rules of the road.

Maintenance alerts: How many times in our personal lives do we let our vehicle’s maintenance needs go by the wayside. It happens, we are human and we get busy, but the business in time will catch up to us. The same thing unfortunately happens on a larger scale with your fleet. Multiple vehicles means multiple opportunities to forget something important. Whoever you place in charge of giving your vehicles a tune-up is more than likely in charge of another task, so here and there the health of your vehicle can be placed on the back-burner unintentional.

A GPS tracker system gives you the option to place maintenance reminders on each of your vehicles based on miles traveled or hours in operation before they have a chance to break down on their commute across country to make your very important delivery. A GPS tracker system will alert you of any issues before your tire blows out on the way to a job site. Making the investment now, will lead to better success in the future.

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GPS Tracking Allows Large Scale Events to Run Without a Hitch

Small-scale to large-scale GPS tracking can help!

In most cases, GPS tracking brings to mind companies who are constantly using the service day in day out, but GPS tracking also becomes the hero for major events which require intricate details, connections, and labor intensive timetables to operate logistics successfully. Organizations who hold annual large-scale conferences local or far away, could really benefit from GPS tracking.

Every summer in Daytona Beach, FL, two-thousand youth from around the United States come together for a much anticipated conference consisting of a large scale talent competition, workshops, activities, nightly gatherings, beach outreach, and college promotions. The conference is run by twenty-five internal entities within the governing organization, each being represented by their own booth and optional activities. The nightly meetings feature big name speakers, bands, and intense behind the scenes technology. From the moment the event ends, plans start for the next year’s event which will take up an entire large scale budget as well as additional funds received through private donations. This non-profit organization considers the event a major fundraiser and promotional tool that draws in a majority of the organizations financial support. Running this event without a hitch is extremely vital to not only the event itself, but also to the non-profit as a whole.

The organization is headquartered out of the Midwest, so many departments make the long commute across country in the organization’s vehicles carrying the extensive amount of equipment and supplies needed to coordinate every detail of the event. To maintain the daily operations up until the event, travel schedules must be planned accordingly. Over 50 designated vehicles will be making the trek, and fuel and lodging cost must be as concise and to the dime as much as possible. Timeliness to the event is mandatory in order to have ample time to arrange set-up before attendees arrive.

Needless to say, the event requires many moving parts and individuals to be where they need to be when they need to be there. I-40 has been under some major road construction known to cause major delays, so the team is in need of alternative routes to optimize the ETA or the workers and their cargo.

Expand your mind past your daily business dealings and employee GPS tracking for your next large scale event. GPS tracking makes a huge difference to getting everyone and everything from Point A to Point B without a hitch.

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What is Your Wait Costing You Without A GPS Tracker?

Not having a GPS tracker system will cost you.

What are you missing out on or costing your business while you mull over your decision to implement a GPS tracker system? Many business get in a rut, but being in the rut, as uncomfortable as it is, becomes cozy. This really can cause you long-term problems and cost you major money you really can’t afford to be wasting. With new businesses starting daily, if you are not willing to change, time will not be on your side. You may be considering a GPS tracker system, but waiting for a “perfect time” that time will never come. If you are serious about changing for the better, you will have to make the time.

Let’s look at what not making a decision is costing you.

Your customers are going somewhere else: When your vehicle is late to make a delivery for whatever reason, when you get a request for a service you do not have the manpower in the area, or when you take too long to schedule a driver for a job, you are losing customers. A GPS tracker system can help you organize and better use one of your most valuable resources: time.

Gas money is going down the drain: Idling, wrong directions, detours, weather problems, traffic jams, drivers using your vehicles on the clock for personal biddings: These are all reasons you are wasting money on fuel. All of these areas can be remedied by using a GPS tracker system, saving you not just on gas, but others areas of your business too.

Your vehicles are breaking down: A GPS tracker system allows you to set reminders on when vehicles need repairs. If you sit around and wait, more than likely the time will come that your vehicle is due for maintenance, but no one remembers and later on down the road, that vehicle breaks down in the most inopportune time with a snowball of problems to follow.

While you sit “idly by” (pun intended), you are wasting time and money. A GPS tracker system streamlines all of your processes and every area of your business benefits. This all equals more money for your business to run more efficiently. So our question for you: “What are you waiting for?”

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Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 3

Minimize risk, maximize efficiency with a GPS tracker system.

While being prepared for every single scenario that can take place in business is impossible, we believe that being as proactive as possible now can eliminate the risk of many issues coming up.

We left off with your desperate attempt to take a job from the referral you were given by a large name account. Unfortunately, due to your not being able to reach one driver, another driver getting lost returning from a job, and the third breaking down on the side of the road, your competition stepped up to the plate to take the job. This for sure was a loss of this client, any potential residual work down the road, and a loss of credibility with the person who referred them.

So, how could a GPS tracker system have changed this situation?

Well, this could have been wrapped up with Driver A. Instead of immediately calling this driver, while you still have the referral on the line, you see Driver A’s exact location on your GPS tracker software map. You then send an alert to their GPS tracker making them aware of their next assignment, they accept, and you promptly confirm the appointment window. The fact that Driver A left their cell phone at the last job site is irrelevant in this case since your in-vehicle communication is all you need.

As far as the other issues, Driver B would never be lost on the job, instead they would have been given step-by-step route instructions to and from their last job via their GPS tracker within their vehicle. Should they ever take a wrong turn, their GPS tracker would calculate another route keeping them aware of their location at all times.

Driver C would never have broke down on the road since a GPS tracker system installs maintenance alerts to maintain the health of the vehicle that caused it to break down in the previous scenario.

You are a new small business which means that more than ever you need the help of a GPS tracker system. There are so many more features of a GPS tracker system that you could personally benefit from, so please do not wait around for a problem to occur, implement this vital tool now.

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Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 2

Avoid Costly mishaps with a GPS tracker system.

You are a newer small business and feel that you have the advantage over a large company because you have fewer people to manage. You are waiting until you grow more to implement a GPS tracker system, because the issues you have are small scale and you can navigate just fine the way you are.

We can sympathize with wanting to wait for a GPS tracker system; however, we believe that being proactive beats being reactive any day. So let’s introduce a potential scenario that can occur at anytime for a new small business with very few drivers:

You are a heat and air company. Friday morning you get a call from a personal referral from your only big account client. Factors that create urgency to take care of this job: You want this new business, your large account client has gone out of their way to refer you, and in a few hours you will close for the rest of the weekend.

You quickly call Driver A who is currently in the field and does have time according to your afternoon schedule. No answer. You leave a voice-mail and send a text. You then go on to Driver B who could potentially take the job, but they are currently lost coming back from a job. The panic you hear in their voice sends you to online maps frantically trying to guide them back when you get a call on the other line form the representative from your large account letting you know he referred you to a personal friend who will also be a large client. You thank him for the referral and let him know you are working on getting someone on the job as you speak. When you click back to help Driver B with directions, they have dropped the line and do not answer a call back. You try Driver A again, still no answer. Just then you get a call from Driver C, your last resort, who is broken down on the side of the road! After making arrangements to Driver C on the road and Driver B directions, an hour and a half has passed and you finally hear from Driver A who left his phone at the first job site. You inform him of the job and he heads that way which is across town. You call the referral back, but they inform you that one of the big names in town is already working the repair. Believe it or not a GPS tracker system could solve all of these issues and more.

We don’t like to think about these potential scenarios, but if you’re going to stay in business long, you’re going to have to think about this and work on a plan now. How different could this have been with a GPS tracker system? Next time we will explore this topic even further.

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Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 1

Don’t think you need a GPS Tracker System?

If you are a new business owner with only a few vehicles and a few employees who thinks a GPS tracker system is only for more established/larger businesses, you could not be more wrong. While, yes, more established/larger businesses benefit, so do you.

You are new in town, so you are not on everyone’s radar as “The Business to Call”. This means that any potential client is important for several reasons. The obvious reason, they are giving you business themselves, but aside from that, they are your free advertisement. If you leave them with a good impression, they are most likely going to use you again and they will tell the next person looking for what you offer, about you. You may or may not be desperate for the business of every new lead, but each new voice is an opportunity to grow. If you are in your right mind, you do not want to take anyone for granted. You ask yourself, “do i really need to invest in a GPS tracker system?”

So, let’s paint an optimistic picture for you through a potential scenario that could occur:

Let’s say you are a heat and air company. It is Friday mid-morning on a hot summer day and your office gets a call from someone looking to fix their office air conditioner that will cool their weekend shift. They are in desperate need of your service and they heard about you from a friend. This individual is a personal referral from your only big account client. This is a high pressure opportunity since A, you want this new business, B, your large account client has taken the time to put their name on the line to refer you to a personal contact and C, it is Friday and you are closed for the rest of the weekend. Two of your crew happen to be finished with service calls for the day and are immediately available to respond to this new client. You saved the day, gained a new client, and made your other client a hero for referring you. Without a GPS tracker system you could get by on “good timing” or “good luck” in a situation like this. A GPS tracker system will shine when things are not so easy.

You think to yourself, the perk of being a new small business with only three drivers to manage, is that you are not overwhelmed with too many jobs right now. You can easily keep tabs on where everyone is without a GPS tracker system. What could possibly go wrong? Next time we will explore how another scenario on the same topic.

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GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 2

Keep more of your pie with a GPS Tracker system.

Every business, especially small businesses are not only looking for ways to cut costs, they are looking to make sure not to accrue any additional costs. For this reason, the thought of adding another monthly expense may seem crazy, but what if that addition ended up saving you money.

Besides savings in fuel, we looked at the saving that come from a properly maintained vehicle. a GPS tracker system offers maintenance alerts that leave no room for “we forgot to change the oil!”

Before the “check engine” light pops on, you have already serviced the engine. Never risk blow-outs since your tires are properly rotated, and changed out before they ever get to the point of no return. Instead of relying on your drivers to remember that it’s time for an oil change, a GPS tracker system will be ahead of the game. Let a GPS tracker system take the wheel on all of your maintenance need alerts, decreasing the chance of human error.

Employee wages: How often do you check to make sure that those employees who have clocked overtime are actually working overtime worthy hours? We want to believe the best about those we hire to do a job, but not everyone is going to honestly work the hours they clock in and out. If you are relying only on their good word, you may be missing out on money. A GPS tracking system can take the guesswork out of the equation.

With a GPS tracker system, your employee’s stats will be virtually accessible through the numerous reports available via your online portal. You will also be privy to reports you create to let you know where your drivers are at all times, and alerts when they leave a certain area. This gives you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your company. We like to say ‘trust, but verify’ when it comes to your mobile workforce.

On top of these wonderful features, your accounting department will love you for the fact that you made their job a lot easier, accurate, and fool- proof by installing a GPS tracker system. They will spend less time double, triple, and quadruple checking their homemade reports. Within a few clicks, they will have access to all the information they need to properly and efficiently designate money.

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GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 1

Keep a bigger piece of the pie with a GPS Tracker.

If you are a small business who has been considering making the investment in a GPS tracker system, but you still are not sure if you have it in the budget, let us show you how you can fit it in.

Once you implement a GPS tracker system and are using it on a regular basis, you will find that not only does it pay for itself, it also frees additional funds you are missing out on in other areas. The savings are incredible and too good to pass up. Our customers find that with a GPS tracker system, they find money they never knew they were missing.

So you are asking yourself what money are you missing out on right now?

Fuel costs: How frustrating are gas prices right now? Even when prices are going down they seem to be higher than previous years. We know full well that the money you spend on fuel makes your stomach churn. Could you imagine how you would feel looking at a significant decrease in that bill?

Our current customers noticed a dramatic cut in their fuel costs the first month of using a GPS tracker system. The reason this happens is a GPS tracker system forces you take a closer look at all areas of your business. You will find that drivers are taking more direct routes to their destinations, they are not having major stalls on the road with excessive idling thanks to your more accurate detour suggestions, and the added element of accountability encourages drivers to spend company time more wisely.

Maintenance: How much money did you pay last year in repairs and vehicle replacement due to mismanaged maintenance schedules? If you had to replace a vehicle, you get sick to your stomach remembering the hit your budget took with that purchase.

We find that 89% of your break-downs, repairs, and vehicle replacements could have been avoided. Although your vehicles are your lifeline, somehow their health slips through the cracks and you end up spending money allotted for other areas. This is a reactive approach. a GPS tracker system takes a proactive approach with the maintenance alerts.

Also the little known savings… Insurance costs: we have seen numerous clients reap the benefits of decreased insurance costs after installing our GPS trackers. Some have even saved enough on insurance to pay for the cost of the a GPS tracker system. Insurance companies view a GPS tracker system as a better way to understand the mobile side of your business and they see the potential to decrease your liabilities out on the road. Not every insurance company recognizes this yet, so you may have to do some convincing with your agent.

Spending money on your business becomes investing in your business when you’re saving more than you’re spending to create the savings.

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The GPS Tracker: A Look at Road Trips Past

The GPS tracker has revolutionized the road trip!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane along with the typical trips on the open road from the past. Before a GPS tracker was even on the radar.

Road Trip 1889: Locate your compass, locate the sun, “Go West young man, go West!” No GPS tracker here obviously.

Road Trip 1985: You have a glove compartment full of maps that never seem to ever fold back into their original shape. Your co-pilot, who is mandatory to safely navigate across country, pulls out the appropriate map and begins searching desperately to locate the road you are on. The size of the roads almost require a magnifying glass to see, but somehow you find your road. All is going well until you hit road construction. The new construction zone leads you on a new quest to find an alternate route, but you still find inconsistencies on your journey that could be due to the fact that your map is dated 1979 and this map has some areas listed on your route that no longer exist on the 1985 journey. Some of us can still relate to no having a GPS tracker during this time.

Road Trip 2001: You have a notebook binder full of printed off Mapquest directions from each point of your journey to the next part of your journey. Your co-pilot, who is again mandatory to safely navigate across country, opens up to the appropriate map and begins reading off the next direction listed comparing it to the map above. All is going well until inevitably you hit the pesky road construction which yields the rest of your printed pages useless. The new construction zone leads you to a convenience store to locate a blast from the past, the bane of your existence in the 80s, a folded map. So close yet so far from a GPS tracker being installed in vehicles.

Road Trip 2014: Type in destination, “Proceed to highlighted route…” The GPS tracker in all its’ glory!

Looking back, it is hard to believe that we survived long trips across country without the convenience of a GPS tracker. How are you making it now? A GPS tracker offers you so many features that, just as GPS trackers has done for so many travelers before you, will change your journey.

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