GPS Tracking: A Penny Saved…Part 2

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GPS tracking… a penny earned.

We mentioned before that while you may have grown up hearing, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” never before has it rung true to you as it does now that you are a business owner or a decision maker in a business with which you have been trusted. You now understand the fundamental of making every penny count toward the black rather than the red. You may complain that you do not have the shiniest equipment, but you will find yourself missing that very piece of equipment should it ever break down and you have to replace it.

At US Fleet tracking, we offer a feature within our GPS tracking equipment that offers you a variety of logs and reports to assist you in cutting costs. What other ways are we saving you pennies aside from maintenance and fuel?
A penny saved in labor cost: Your employees for the most part are making the most of their time on your clock, but for those who are not, you will know rather quickly what they are doing. First, with GPS tracking, you will have a timestamp of when they turned off the vehicle, when they arrived on a job site and another for when they finished the job and restarted the engine. With your GPS tracking log, you will gain a better understanding of how your money is being spent and what it is being spent on when it comes to their work. The log serves as a way for you to double check their timesheets for correct information. Inconsistencies may prove yet another area you can save money.

A penny saved in customer satisfaction: The gps tracking log feature can help you add to the level of your customers satisfaction. By studying past interactions with repeat customers or customers within the same area, you can plan your route more efficiently. Getting to clients faster means, you meet their needs faster, and your schedule is open for even more customers.

A penny saved in billing: Your gps tracking logs are easier to import than your past time sheets, mileage logs, and job information, meaning that you can get your bills out faster. The sooner this happens, the sooner you are paid and your employees are paid. This makes them happier, and hopefully more motivated to work even harder.

Everyone wins when you use the tracking log, yet another wonderful benefit of GPS tracking.

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