GPS Tracking Will Change Your Industry Part 1: Service Industry

GPS Tracking construction site

GPS Tracking: Improving on excellence.

So you are in the service industry and you rely heavily on the talent and performance of your team, why would you need GPS tracking?

Having a great team is huge to the success of your company, but imagine the potential of this well oiled machine once they are given a tool to make their jobs even easier and more efficient.

A good team is only one element of your job when you really examine your trade. There are other factors that you are constantly working around such as deadlines, fast responses to calls, exhibiting superior customer service, being in tune with the smallest details in billing.

Let’s take a look at ways your team will benefit from GPS tracking.

Smaller windows of waiting for your clients: No one likes to take an entire vacation day to sit at their house waiting for you to arrive. With GPS tracking, you can give clients a smaller, more realistic, window of arrival time. This will make them happy on several levels;, they are not sitting at home twiddling their thumbs, and your job is done faster.

More precise billing: You no longer have the need for drivers to manually keep track of when they arrived and left a job site. GPS tracking allows you to see the exact time-stamp of when they stopped the engine at their location and when they starting the engine again.

Less errors equal more money made: GPS tracking allows you to operate on less since you will be saving on maintenance you are not longer encountering preventable breakdowns cost. You will be saving on additional clock hours you would have put toward the mitigating of billing errors. You will be saving money on fuel since your drivers are getting to their destinations quicker and without distraction or route errors.

Your customers are happier, your employees are happier, you are happier. Everyone wins with GPS tracking.

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