GeoFence: Feature of GPS Tracking You Will Love


GeoFence Feature Cuts Vehicle Misuse.

GPS Tracking is such a smart move for businesses looking to make the most of every company dollar. A desire to make this change usually stems from a careful assessment of different areas of the business that could use improvement. These areas usually make themselves known by the loss of revenue they are creating. If you are in the the business, which includes managing a fleet of some size, from time to time you will encounter waste from misappropriation of company time and equipment.

One of the ways you can cut down on this misuse of your assets is to set up what is called a geofence. A geofence is a boundary you can set around a certain area by creating a perimeter of GPS points. If these points are ever crossed, you will be notified of the perimeter breach so you can take appropriate action.

In addition, the geofence serves you several other purposes:

Aside from the GPS device installed in your vehicles, you also are more aware of not just where your drivers are located, but also you are aware of locations they may venture to outside of their designated area. Some drivers may take detours that are not allowed on the job such as running personal errands that waste your fuel and add wear and tear to your vehicles causing premature repairs.

An area out of your control that a geofence could help with its theft. If your driver is stopped for an extended period and is not set to drive again until a certain time, you can add a geofence around the vehicle. In the event this vehicle leave the perimeter before that designated time, you will be notified right away, allowing you ample time to seek help from law enforcement.

Not only will the geofence keep you from wasting money, the geofence will also help you to make more money. Instead of every driver calling you to report when they are free from one job and ready for their next assignment, you will be notified the moment they leave your geofence. This decreases human error since they may not always remember or get too busy to make a call. The more jobs you have manpower to take, the more money you make.

Since you can make the geofence whatever shape or size you need, the sky’s the limit to yet another wonderful feature offered by GPS tracking.

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