Yes, GPS Tracking Is For You Too!


GPS Tracking: Made to fit all sizes

“But I’m a small business, I don’t need fleet tracking for my two vehicles!”

“With our small budget, we can’t afford GPS tracking…”

If either of these statements have gone through your mind, think again. First of all, businesses of all sizes can benefit from GPS tracking. And secondly, when you look at all the costs GPS tracking will help you cut, you can’t afford NOT to implement it?

We would like to highlight for you, a few businesses we cater to, that might give you reassurance that GPS tracking is also for you.

Food distribution – GPS tracking is not only great for making sure your deliveries arrive on time, GPS tracking can also keep tabs on the temperature in which your perishable items arrive.

Internet providers – With your customer base being spread out over a vast area, GPS tracking helps you make the most of your man hours and gas mileage through route management.

Plumbers – Your competitors leave your potential clients waiting around all day for a huge window of time they must be available. Instead of asking the same thing, cut that time down since you will have a bird’s eye view of multiple vehicles who can take the job.

Mowing Services – Your have rules on when you can start your day, and especially during the summer, only a small window of time to beat the heat. Take better advantage of that valuable window.

Roofing companies – Since you have so much heavy/expensive equipment you must carry around to multiple destinations, let GPS tracking coordinate your commute and keep security guard on your assets.

Big or small, we services them all. No matter what you are keeping track of, you are not alone. GPS tracking can save you time and money, leaving you more time to work out the details of gaining more clientele.

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