Rise Above Your Competition with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is paving your way.

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison said, “there are no original ideas. There are only original people.” What this statement means to you is that more than likely, the idea that makes you money, makes someone else money as well. They are your competition and the question we have for you is, “Who is doing it better?”

To make money, you must be able to gain new clients as you go along, but how do you do that when your competitors are so good at doing the same thing? How do you rise above and stand out to your potential client? Have you ever thought that GPS tracking may just be the element of change you need to rise above the rest?

With GPS tracking, what elements of your business will elevate you to the top of your industry?

Competitive prices – Because you are able to save money, so will your customers. GPS tracking saves you money in so many ways you can cut your costs enough to beat out your competition.

Better drivers – GPS tracking is a safeguard against those individuals who might otherwise be haphazard with their driving. GPS tracking is an accountability piece you may be currently missing. With the tracking located within the vehicle, transmitting messages back to your dispatcher, drivers will know that you have your eye on them and the quality of work they produce.

Quicker service – GPS tracking gives your drivers play-by-play on where they need to go. This allows them to get to their destinations faster, and in doing this, frees them to take on more jobs. This also makes your customers happier because they don’t have to wait around all day for you to show up. You can give them a smaller window of wait time they must take out of their busy day. This is something your competition may not be able to offer.

These are only a few ways that we can help you beat out your competition. This may not be your original thought, but why try to reinvent the wheel when we have the perfect solution for all off your needs?

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Why Municiple Agencies Should Employ GPS Tracking

Can GPS tracking help the municipal agencies?

The economy is forcing businesses of all shapes and sizes to review their current financial situation. After evaluating every area of the business, many of these business are forced to raise prices to compensate for the void in other areas. The problem with raising prices is that this creates a wider gap with the customer who is also suffering a deficit. Thus, this is the beauty of inflation.

This vicious cycle does not just affect the small business, this type of situation happens to large businesses and government agencies as well. The municipal industry is also seeking ways to cut costs so their jobs, employees, and residents are not affected in a negative way. Raising prices to offset inflation means, more and more people will not be able to afford what they offer. If they cannot afford it, they will not buy it, if they do not buy it, a financial crisis is imminent. So what can be done? These agencies can become more creative in cutting costs so that the customers do not suffer.

GPS tracking is a great way for municipal agencies to become more strategic with their dwindling funds.

Lower Fuel Costs:

GPS  tracking idle reporting and speeding alerts-By monitoring amount of time spent idling and the speeds by which vehicles are driven, municipal agencies can significantly reduce fuel costs.

GPS Tracking map features-By having a better understand of routes, detours, and traffic, GPS tracking can get workers where they need to be quicker, with a reduction in fuel costs.

Efficiency in Dispatching:

GPS tracking direction assist- When workers are dispersed to various jobs around the city, having a better grasp of their routes, when they finish a job, and when they are free to take on another job, gives dispatchers more freedom to assign more work.

GPS tracking dispatcher assist- Dispatchers begin to better understand drivers’ habits, and therefore can manage their days from a new perspective. By putting a stop to careless behavior, employees are safer and more productive.

These are only a few of the money saving ways GPS tracking can help municipal agencies cut costs and save money so residents can afford the services they desire to employ.

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GPS Tracking: A Penny Saved…Part 2

GPS tracking… a penny earned.

We mentioned before that while you may have grown up hearing, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” never before has it rung true to you as it does now that you are a business owner or a decision maker in a business with which you have been trusted. You now understand the fundamental of making every penny count toward the black rather than the red. You may complain that you do not have the shiniest equipment, but you will find yourself missing that very piece of equipment should it ever break down and you have to replace it.

At US Fleet tracking, we offer a feature within our GPS tracking equipment that offers you a variety of logs and reports to assist you in cutting costs. What other ways are we saving you pennies aside from maintenance and fuel?
A penny saved in labor cost: Your employees for the most part are making the most of their time on your clock, but for those who are not, you will know rather quickly what they are doing. First, with GPS tracking, you will have a timestamp of when they turned off the vehicle, when they arrived on a job site and another for when they finished the job and restarted the engine. With your GPS tracking log, you will gain a better understanding of how your money is being spent and what it is being spent on when it comes to their work. The log serves as a way for you to double check their timesheets for correct information. Inconsistencies may prove yet another area you can save money.

A penny saved in customer satisfaction: The gps tracking log feature can help you add to the level of your customers satisfaction. By studying past interactions with repeat customers or customers within the same area, you can plan your route more efficiently. Getting to clients faster means, you meet their needs faster, and your schedule is open for even more customers.

A penny saved in billing: Your gps tracking logs are easier to import than your past time sheets, mileage logs, and job information, meaning that you can get your bills out faster. The sooner this happens, the sooner you are paid and your employees are paid. This makes them happier, and hopefully more motivated to work even harder.

Everyone wins when you use the tracking log, yet another wonderful benefit of GPS tracking.

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GPS Tracking: A Penny Saved…Part 1

GPS tracking… a penny earned.

You’ve probably grown-up hearing the old adage, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” but never has it made as much sense as it makes to you now. As a business owner you find yourself seeing every dollar that flies out the window as another dollar further away from your goals. By the same token, you also see those ways you are finding to cut costs, as a step closer to your goals. GPS Tracking helps you along the way.

Did you know that GPS tracking offers you a series of logs and reports that will be useful in helping you cut costs? You might consider how valuable a track log could be to your business.

A penny saved in maintenance: When using GPS tracking, you have a virtual log of your maintenance events. Vehicles are designed to, if taken care of, last a long time. If you proceed with routine maintenance, you can keep your vehicle problem- free for thousands and thousands of miles. With GPS tracking, before you vehicle is even due for repair, you will know ahead of time. By keeping track of your vehicle health, you are cutting down on the chance of an expensive repair or even worse a replacement of the vehicle. You can set your alerts to notify you when you need to update features on one of your most valuable assets.

A penny saved in fuel: What happens when your drivers spend an excessive time idling or speeding? That’s right, your fuel costs elevate. Keep your fuel bill from skyrocketing by keeping tabs on your drivers habits on and off the road. If you identify a repeat offender, you can take the measures need to remedy the problem before you pay, literally and figuratively. GPS tracking helps curb speeding in your fleet.

US Fleet Tracking is in the business of saving you money. These are only the first two on our list of ways that a tracker log can save you pennies, so you can focus on the pennies you will earn.

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GPS Tracking Will Change Your Industry Part 2: Construction Industry

GPS Tracking: Building better foundations.

Let’s say you are the owner of a small construction company, and while you have a lot of large equipment and machinery, you do not have a large daily commute. You may not see GPS tracking being beneficial, or quick frankly, worth the investment. We challenge you to give it a second thought. What you carry and what you do day in day out makes you an excellent recipient of all the benefits you will gain from what GPS tracking offers.

Less overhead: You have the potential to lose a lot of money when multiple vehicles have excessive idling. This wastes fuel and therefore cuts into your profit. The less costs, the more you make.

Recoup lost equipment: Because the equipment is valuable and what you do is very apparent by the signs on your trucks, you become a target for theft. With the installation of GPS tracking, robbers are less likely to proceed if they know you are watching, but in the event they do not care and go through with the theft, turn around on recovery is much quicker.

More accountability for your workers: With GPS tracking, your employees know that you are all eyes, or at least your dispatchers are watching what they do. This accountability gives them an added element of desire to do their job with more accurately. PTO hours are given if you see an actual need, and the regular hours are more efficient. You may not be able to see everything on site, but you do know if they are where they are supposed to be, at what time they arrive and leave, and if they are wasting your time or resources.

These are only a few ways your industry can benefit from GPS tracking, but as you can see with these three alone, you will save a lot of money, meaning you will make more money. We see this as a benefit you should obtain soon, because once your competition gets wind of the opportunity, they will not pass it up.

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GPS Tracking Will Change Your Industry Part 1: Service Industry

GPS Tracking: Improving on excellence.

So you are in the service industry and you rely heavily on the talent and performance of your team, why would you need GPS tracking?

Having a great team is huge to the success of your company, but imagine the potential of this well oiled machine once they are given a tool to make their jobs even easier and more efficient.

A good team is only one element of your job when you really examine your trade. There are other factors that you are constantly working around such as deadlines, fast responses to calls, exhibiting superior customer service, being in tune with the smallest details in billing.

Let’s take a look at ways your team will benefit from GPS tracking.

Smaller windows of waiting for your clients: No one likes to take an entire vacation day to sit at their house waiting for you to arrive. With GPS tracking, you can give clients a smaller, more realistic, window of arrival time. This will make them happy on several levels;, they are not sitting at home twiddling their thumbs, and your job is done faster.

More precise billing: You no longer have the need for drivers to manually keep track of when they arrived and left a job site. GPS tracking allows you to see the exact time-stamp of when they stopped the engine at their location and when they starting the engine again.

Less errors equal more money made: GPS tracking allows you to operate on less since you will be saving on maintenance you are not longer encountering preventable breakdowns cost. You will be saving on additional clock hours you would have put toward the mitigating of billing errors. You will be saving money on fuel since your drivers are getting to their destinations quicker and without distraction or route errors.

Your customers are happier, your employees are happier, you are happier. Everyone wins with GPS tracking.

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GeoFence: Feature of GPS Tracking You Will Love

GeoFence Feature Cuts Vehicle Misuse.

GPS Tracking is such a smart move for businesses looking to make the most of every company dollar. A desire to make this change usually stems from a careful assessment of different areas of the business that could use improvement. These areas usually make themselves known by the loss of revenue they are creating. If you are in the the business, which includes managing a fleet of some size, from time to time you will encounter waste from misappropriation of company time and equipment.

One of the ways you can cut down on this misuse of your assets is to set up what is called a geofence. A geofence is a boundary you can set around a certain area by creating a perimeter of GPS points. If these points are ever crossed, you will be notified of the perimeter breach so you can take appropriate action.

In addition, the geofence serves you several other purposes:

Aside from the GPS device installed in your vehicles, you also are more aware of not just where your drivers are located, but also you are aware of locations they may venture to outside of their designated area. Some drivers may take detours that are not allowed on the job such as running personal errands that waste your fuel and add wear and tear to your vehicles causing premature repairs.

An area out of your control that a geofence could help with its theft. If your driver is stopped for an extended period and is not set to drive again until a certain time, you can add a geofence around the vehicle. In the event this vehicle leave the perimeter before that designated time, you will be notified right away, allowing you ample time to seek help from law enforcement.

Not only will the geofence keep you from wasting money, the geofence will also help you to make more money. Instead of every driver calling you to report when they are free from one job and ready for their next assignment, you will be notified the moment they leave your geofence. This decreases human error since they may not always remember or get too busy to make a call. The more jobs you have manpower to take, the more money you make.

Since you can make the geofence whatever shape or size you need, the sky’s the limit to yet another wonderful feature offered by GPS tracking.

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Yes, GPS Tracking Is For You Too!

GPS Tracking: Made to fit all sizes

“But I’m a small business, I don’t need fleet tracking for my two vehicles!”

“With our small budget, we can’t afford GPS tracking…”

If either of these statements have gone through your mind, think again. First of all, businesses of all sizes can benefit from GPS tracking. And secondly, when you look at all the costs GPS tracking will help you cut, you can’t afford NOT to implement it?

We would like to highlight for you, a few businesses we cater to, that might give you reassurance that GPS tracking is also for you.

Food distribution – GPS tracking is not only great for making sure your deliveries arrive on time, GPS tracking can also keep tabs on the temperature in which your perishable items arrive.

Internet providers – With your customer base being spread out over a vast area, GPS tracking helps you make the most of your man hours and gas mileage through route management.

Plumbers – Your competitors leave your potential clients waiting around all day for a huge window of time they must be available. Instead of asking the same thing, cut that time down since you will have a bird’s eye view of multiple vehicles who can take the job.

Mowing Services – Your have rules on when you can start your day, and especially during the summer, only a small window of time to beat the heat. Take better advantage of that valuable window.

Roofing companies – Since you have so much heavy/expensive equipment you must carry around to multiple destinations, let GPS tracking coordinate your commute and keep security guard on your assets.

Big or small, we services them all. No matter what you are keeping track of, you are not alone. GPS tracking can save you time and money, leaving you more time to work out the details of gaining more clientele.

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GPS Tracking: Understanding the Basics

GPS Tracking is “not so new”?

Are you someone who has heard that implementing GPS tracking will revolutionize your business, but your fear of technology or that “old school” mentality holds you back? If so, you are in the right place. Let us start from the basics and guide you through understanding what exactly GPS tracking is.

A little history lesson: You may be wondering, what is a GPS anyway? Well, first of all, GPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System. GPS, first developed in the 70s and fully operational for everyone in the middle 90s, was designed originally for the Department of Defense. GPS now uses 28 satellites that orbit the earth and assist in answering five basic questions come rain or shine, simultaneously we might add (Library of congress, 2011):

“Where am I?”
“Where am I going?”
“Where are you?”
“What’s the best way to get there?
“When will I get there?”

According the Library of Congress, the uses of GPS are so diverse and include:

Minnesota scientists use GPS tracking to study movements and feeding habits of deer.
Surveyors used GPS tracking to measure how the buildings shifted after the bombing in Oklahoma City. GPS Tracking helps to settle property disputes between landowners.
Marine archaeologists use GPS tracking to guide research vessels hunting for shipwrecks. GPS tracking data has revealed that Mt. Everest is getting taller!

To think that the same technology that charts the growth of Mt. Everest can communicate to your dispatchers the answers to all five questions about your fleet, is pretty incredible.

To utilize GPS tracking, a GPS tracker is installed onto your vehicle, and from there data is collected and relayed to our servers, your information is processed then relayed to you live.

From earth, to space, and back to earth, we are able to keep track for you, the operations that make your business so effective. Created for the military by some of the world’s best masterminds, you have in your corner one of the best investments you will ever make.

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Reference: http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/global.html




Invest in a GPS Tracking Company That Invests in You

GPS Tracking: How can you get the best fit?

A well-known photography company has finally solidified a strong relationship with the local school districts in the area to contract their services for 20 high school graduations in one weekend. When graduation Saturday arrives, the dispatcher runs into a glitch in the system that could potentially devastate the direction of the day. Upon calling the tech support number given with the equipment and software, they are advised by the automated system that business hours will resume on Monday morning.

We cannot be ignorant to the fact that even the best technology can fail us from time to time due to technical issues or user error. Since GPS tracking is linked up to technology, having a thorough technical team supporting those important operations you build your business on, is invaluable. Do not let the excitement of finding a fleet tracking company overshadow your common sense to ask the important questions

3 Questions to ask when interviewing potential fleet management companies:

1. Can I customize the GPS tracking system to fit my unique company needs?

One size does not fit all. The reports that a large fleet company run will not be the same reports that a local plumber will find useful. Make sure that the fleet management company you select will offer you the option of customizing your GPS tracking system with items relevant to your industry.

2. What kind of training will we receive?

Sure, a 500 page manual may contain the information you will need to install and operate your new GPS tracking system, but a manual cannot answer back. If you are making the investment in GPS tracking software, make sure the company is willing and able to guide you through the initial set-up and is available to offer training and support questions that will arise. Money is time, so put that time to good use.

3. Do you have extended hours support?

As our scenario represents, technological difficulties unfortunately do not always occur during “normal business hours.” If you are a company that works extended hours, you should choose a fleet management company who keeps the same hours.

GPS tracking is such an important asset to your business. Taking the time to ask those important questions is vital.

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