GPS Tracking: It’s Not Just for Holidays


GPS Tracking, Making a Difference in the Family Fleet

Families and close friends may not realize the importance of GPS Tracking devices to the emotional well being of “The Family Fleet,” until the moment arrives when someone exclaims, “Where in the world is my package?” This outburst of unbelief is often associated with special holidays or celebrations. The person has spent numerous hours picking out just the right gift, (or for those with time restraint or other such issues, ordering from online), trusting the choice of sure delight will arrive by the intended date. Then something happens. It doesn’t.

Calls are made and the GPS Trackers come to the rescue. “Yes, the package was sent. It has arrived in said city, and is due to be delivered the next day, as stated on the receipt given, by five o’clock.” All is well with aid of the GPS Tracking and the realization, upon closer examination of the receipt, its holder’s system had been, “off track” by a day! Uncle Grover got his favorite underwear, and the “Family Fleet,” is once again traveling smoothly.

Summertime, and teen sister has a birthday and a new phone, and a new boyfriend. She is excited and wondering why Dad has such a smug grin on his face. After all; he had resisted getting her a phone and did not particularly like the new boyfriend. Did Dad have a change of heart, or could it possibly be he had called upon the services of GPS Tracking and would know where she was at all times?

Mom, meanwhile, after hours of preparation in getting the twins off for the summer, is worn out, but at peace. The boys will be joining a group of college students working overseas with a non profit organization. It is a comfort for the parents and other families left behind, to know the GPS tracker will be keeping up with part of “ The Family Fleet” as they move around the various places in the world and their many activities are mapped. This group has GPS trackers to keep up with them and and their movements as they go to the various places in the world. The GPS Trackers will map activities of the organization as well as their movements as they go to the various places in the world.

GPS tracking is ever present in so many areas of our lives, keeping families together and connected across the world.

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