GPS Tracker (Pro) Vs. Phone GPS: Part 2

gps tracker

A Phone GPS Tracker is just as good, right? Wrong Again.

A party picture company was hired to do a job taking photos for a surprise party for the boss of a major corporation. The photographer typed the address into his phone and off he went. The route that the gps tracker on the phone took him through what would normally be the fast way there, however; with road construction he was not aware of in his path, the destination went from being 15 minutes away, to being 25 minutes away…45 minutes away…1 hour away…and then finally, an hour and half later, he walks into the party after the surprise. Needless to say, the party planning committee was not happy, and was not willing to pay his fee for a job not done.

While the navigational system in a cell phone may be good enough to find a friend’s house, we have example after example of why the old cell phone GPS is not good enough for your business.

With the implementation of a GPS tracker through a fleet tracking management company, your business will never have to rely on faulty navigation. Your dispatcher can locate your drivers in real time and re-route them if they come across barriers in the road. This will not only save time for your drivers and ensure they arrive on time to their destination; you will not lose money on wasted fuel.

You can find many other ways to cut costs in your business. Do not let your GPS tracker system be a casualty to your budget. When dealing with top clients who are paying you tons of money to complete a job by a certain deadline, you cannot afford not to implement fleet tracking. You may have a stellar product; your tardiness will overshadow the wonderful work you will do. Clients want to know they can depend on you, so if you are intern depending on a device that is intended for recreational and personal use, you might as well shoot yourself in the foot.

Take back control of your business, bite the bullet and invest in a GPS tracker you can put your name behind.

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