Here Comes the Delivery Truck: Part 1


GPS tracker: affecting more than just businesses?

After scouring Pinterest for five hours, a bride decides a week before her wedding that the wedding will be an absolute disaster UNLESS she has these little glass jars she just found online that will house perfectly the tiny candies she ordered yesterday. She has been on her desperate search since 2am, and luckily her searched rendered these glass jars 30 minutes before she had to go to work. Upon entering her address, the company guarantees that the favors will arrive on her door in three days, plenty of time to transform into the item that will partner with her custom designed napkins, flute glasses, and center pieces, all items bought online and delivered to her door.

This is a very common scenario in this day and age. We go online and without a second thought, we pay money to have our order arrive by a certain date, and in almost every case it does. Businesses are the same way, just on a much larger scale, and they have much more to lose. They order their merchandise, their food products, their car parts, etc, and they expect delivery by a certain date and time. We have all at one time or another been present when a deliver truck arrives and everyone pitches in to help stock the shelves. The store is packed with more associates that day just for that event. If the truck is late or doesn’t arrive at all, not only does that store miss out on the resale of that good, they also lose money on the clock hours of the extra personnel.

How is it that so blindly we trust that our goods will arrive as promised? How can companies build their whole business on faith that the delivery truck packed full of more “hot” items will arrive in time to restock the shelf before the customer ever knows it was missing? The answer is “ A GPS tracker.”

Although you may never have heard of us before, we are ever present in your everyday lives, equipping companies with the tools to deliver more efficiently, the products that you crave. a GPS tracker is the stage crew, if you will. You will never see our name mentioned on your item, but we are more connected to your product than you will ever know.

When a company is confident in their ability to claim a certain date of arrival, on an item, a GPS tracker is usually involved.

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