GPS Tracking Via Space


GPS Tracking anywhere on the globe!

Anyone who has walked into an elevator and lost cell phone coverage, or has driven down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and received the error that their GPS is no longer able to navigate, would probably question US Fleet Tracking’s ability to navigate vehicles on job sites that are traditionally out of range. Most of the time, GPS tracking companies assist businesses that spend their journey on city roads, suburbs, and areas that have continuous coverage. But what about those companies who commute between locations miles and miles away from civilization. What about companies whose jobs are to carry and delivery equipment to oil fields, grain elevators, and wind turbines?

GPS tracking from ground based GPS satellites transmit signals by bouncing data from tower to tower. This process then throws the signal to the dispatcher who then collects and uses the data. For vehicles and drivers outside cellular tower range who depend on play-by-play real time data, a different approach is necessary, especially for those located in dangerous locations out in the middle of No Man’s Land. Typical GPS tracking does not work in these locations so an alternative is imperative for the safety of remote employees.

To ensure that businesses and organizations who commute into desolate locations on classified assignments are covered, we employ the assistance of Space. The technology used is referred to as Communication Satellite Networks. These networks are comprised of devices tailored to locate and track data via space. These devices orbit the earth promoting communication all over the world. So, when a jobs requires the driver to venture into locations out of tower range, we are still about to successfully and safely track every step of the operation.

GPS tracking through communication satellite networks are great for government assignments, scientific experiments, and news channels covering stories in isolated areas in the middle of nowhere. Before the use of this technology, we did not have the ability to bring the needed safety to these types of organizations, but with the employment of this technology, no matter where the job is located on the globe, we have you covered.

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