GPS tracking corrects long time idling rumor

gps tracking excessive idling

What’s the big deal with idling? GPS Tracking tells all.

Who started that nasty rumor that it is better to leave a vehicle running than to shut it off? Instead of turning off the vehicle, which “wastes fuel,” many drivers have kept it idling for an extended period of time, costing companies countless dollars on not only fuel, but also additional maintenance needs.

Before GPS tracking, businesses had no idea which drivers were still under the “I should keep this vehicle idling to keep from wasting fuel” mentality. With the implementation of fleet tracking devices, managers now have the ability to locate any vehicle in their fleet at any time to find out how much time is not only spend driving and to where, but now the tools are available to find out how long a particular vehicle has been idling. To take this convenience one step further, knowing the exact location of this idle situation is also available. So, if your driver is in route to a certain delivery, and you locate them idling at a wax museum, 100 miles off course, you have ground to stand on when taking disciplinary action, or a paycheck deduction. GPS tracking gives you more to work with instead of your having to “sit idling by” pun intended.

So, what is the big deal about idling? Not only is one gallon of fuel wasted every hour your vehicle idles, you are also adding to future maintenance costs. This may not seem like a huge deal, but if you own a fleet of 10 vehicles, the costs are going to add up over even a few days. Idling for a long period of time does more harm than good and there is really no need for it. To cut cost for your business and save money, if happening now, that practice needs to stop. If you have a company with multiple vehicles and drivers who are idling, now is the time to take charge and end this bad habit.

GPS tracking is the solution. You will be able to understand so much more about your drivers and their routes. You will be able to see when they are doing their job and when they are hindering your bottom line. Companies who implement GPS tracking will start to see almost an immediate return on their investment from all of the money saved on essentials, from labor costs to fuel consumption.

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