GPS Tracking: Changing the world one pin point at a time: Part 2


How has GPS Tracking changed your world?

As mentioned, at US Fleet Tracking, we really focus on the aspect of GPS tracking in relation to companies with large fleets, but that does not mean that we are not excited to see the advances in technology and how GPS tracking in changing our world.

A few months back we were able to be involved in a project with the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. We were involved with the tracking of the various vehicles responsible for transporting all the needed equipment in order to run the event without a hitch. We were responsible for seeing that runners and spectators alike had a good time without even knowing all the work behind the scenes. Your not knowing we were there is possibly one of our biggest compliments. Because of the service we offer, those orchestrating every aspect of the event, could guide and track where each vehicle transporting which item was at all time.

So as we were taking care of the ins and outs on a large scale, another aspect of GPS tracking was in play. For the runners and their families, GPS tracking was linked to an app that as linked to the chip the runners wore that gave a play-by-play of their entire journey start to finish. When a running crossed the starting line, GPS tracking was at work. The app used gave family members the ability to see where that runner was located by the simple typing in of their bib number which was assigned to their individual GPS tracking device. If a husband planned to cheer his wife on at miles 20, which is historically one of the hardest points of a marathon, he could plan his day according to her location at a given time. Understanding her pace and seeing her location on the map could help him determine what time she would be at the 20 mile mark. On her side, she is given a reminder of what time she will cross the finish line at her pace. At the end of the race, the GPS tracker implementation is what gives her a summary of her race, not only with what time she finished, but also, what time she crossed certain milestones along the race.

GPS tracking has added so many more conveniences in our modern world, as time goes on, who knows where GPS tracking will take us.

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