GPS Tracking: Changing the world one pin point at a time: Part 1


How has GPS tracking changed your world?

At US Fleet tracking, our goal is to equip our clients with GPS tracking equipment, data, and software to take charge of their fleets in a more efficient way. GPS tracking gives our clients access to an array of valuable tools to management their drivers and their vehicles, every step of the journey. Although fleet tracking is our focal point, we are excited to see how the same technology we use to navigate a driver’s route to their next destination, is used in the everyday lives of individuals around the world.

Where might we see GPS tracking in everyday life?

With the introduction of smartphones into our society, we were also introduced to GPS tracking technology. Our smartphones use GPS to pinpoint not only our current location, but also our destination, how far away we are from that destination, and what our estimated arrival will be based on our current speed and traffic conditions. Our smartphones can access our location and recommend shopping, eating, and pretty much any other request we have based on what is around us.

When we take pictures on our vacation, that exact location is saved to that picture file, so we can later look at a map of all the places we have been. A digital footprint leaves a trail. We can see the exact location of a child’s birth, the day they took their first steps, their first birthday,

Have you ever sent out the distress signal on Facebook asking that all of your friends call your phone when it has gone missing? Or, where you ever that person who kept (or still keeps) your landline phone for the sole purpose of calling your cell phone? One of the best features of GPS tracking on our smartphones is the ability to locate your phone remotely lest it becomes lost or stolen. Just as our clients are able to locate where their vehicles are located, individuals have the ability to pinpoint their phones location. By logging into a portal, we can access a button that sends a signal to our phone which then starts to beep from under the couch. If someone steals your phone at the concert, you can see the exact address of your phone’s new home. The GPS tracking aspect of our phones has made our lives so much easier, and much more accessible.

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