GPS Tracking: It’s Not Just for Holidays

GPS Tracking, Making a Difference in the Family Fleet

Families and close friends may not realize the importance of GPS Tracking devices to the emotional well being of “The Family Fleet,” until the moment arrives when someone exclaims, “Where in the world is my package?” This outburst of unbelief is often associated with special holidays or celebrations. The person has spent numerous hours picking out just the right gift, (or for those with time restraint or other such issues, ordering from online), trusting the choice of sure delight will arrive by the intended date. Then something happens. It doesn’t.

Calls are made and the GPS Trackers come to the rescue. “Yes, the package was sent. It has arrived in said city, and is due to be delivered the next day, as stated on the receipt given, by five o’clock.” All is well with aid of the GPS Tracking and the realization, upon closer examination of the receipt, its holder’s system had been, “off track” by a day! Uncle Grover got his favorite underwear, and the “Family Fleet,” is once again traveling smoothly.

Summertime, and teen sister has a birthday and a new phone, and a new boyfriend. She is excited and wondering why Dad has such a smug grin on his face. After all; he had resisted getting her a phone and did not particularly like the new boyfriend. Did Dad have a change of heart, or could it possibly be he had called upon the services of GPS Tracking and would know where she was at all times?

Mom, meanwhile, after hours of preparation in getting the twins off for the summer, is worn out, but at peace. The boys will be joining a group of college students working overseas with a non profit organization. It is a comfort for the parents and other families left behind, to know the GPS tracker will be keeping up with part of “ The Family Fleet” as they move around the various places in the world and their many activities are mapped. This group has GPS trackers to keep up with them and and their movements as they go to the various places in the world. The GPS Trackers will map activities of the organization as well as their movements as they go to the various places in the world.

GPS tracking is ever present in so many areas of our lives, keeping families together and connected across the world.

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Top 10 Benefits to Implementing GPS Tracking

What benefits can your company expect with GPS tracking?

Some companies may be on the lookout for ways to cut costs, while others may be looking for enhanced safety features. What benefits can your company relate to?

1. Cutting costs on labor: Using GPS tracking means your drivers will get to their destinations faster. Less driving time, means less money going on the time card. Those hours that are on the clock will be better spent.

2. Enhanced safety for personnel: When a GPS tracking device is installed, drivers will be more accountable to driving more responsibly, will be less likely to push past appropriate speeds. This will lead to a much safer trip with less chance of accidents.

3. Less money spent on fuel cost: Because drivers are more accountable to their route, they will waste fuel driving to locations off route.

4. Improved job performance: The implementation of fleet tracking will give drivers the confidence they need to navigate safely and efficiently to their locations. When drivers know where they are going, they feel more competent in their assignments.

5. Better Customer Service: Your dispatchers will have a bird’s eye view on where drivers are located and which are available to take on a new assignment. This is great for those last minute clients who may not only add to your current bottom line, but also bring you future business and new clients.

6. Less money spent on repairs: With maintenance reminders and alerts, you will never have to worry if you changed the oil on Vehicle A. All vehicles will be accounted for.

7. Insurance Reduction: Check with your insurance company to find out what kind of discounts are available once you start using GPS tracking. Many find that with fleet management comes less risk on the road and are happy to extend discounts.

8. More productivity on the road: Again, accountability means the job is being done in a more timely manner. If you know where your drivers are, and they know you know, they are less likely to play around on your dime.

9. Less Theft: If you have a GPS device installed, you will know at all times where that vehicle is located. If it was ever stolen, you would have little to no trouble locating it again.

10. Expedite Billing Cycles: Timesheets are no longer a hassle with the automated features GPS fleet tracking offers.

No matter what your reason is for looking into GPS fleet tracking, you will find what you are looking for and much more right here.

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GPS Tracker (Pro) Vs. Phone GPS: Part 2

A Phone GPS Tracker is just as good, right? Wrong Again.

A party picture company was hired to do a job taking photos for a surprise party for the boss of a major corporation. The photographer typed the address into his phone and off he went. The route that the gps tracker on the phone took him through what would normally be the fast way there, however; with road construction he was not aware of in his path, the destination went from being 15 minutes away, to being 25 minutes away…45 minutes away…1 hour away…and then finally, an hour and half later, he walks into the party after the surprise. Needless to say, the party planning committee was not happy, and was not willing to pay his fee for a job not done.

While the navigational system in a cell phone may be good enough to find a friend’s house, we have example after example of why the old cell phone GPS is not good enough for your business.

With the implementation of a GPS tracker through a fleet tracking management company, your business will never have to rely on faulty navigation. Your dispatcher can locate your drivers in real time and re-route them if they come across barriers in the road. This will not only save time for your drivers and ensure they arrive on time to their destination; you will not lose money on wasted fuel.

You can find many other ways to cut costs in your business. Do not let your GPS tracker system be a casualty to your budget. When dealing with top clients who are paying you tons of money to complete a job by a certain deadline, you cannot afford not to implement fleet tracking. You may have a stellar product; your tardiness will overshadow the wonderful work you will do. Clients want to know they can depend on you, so if you are intern depending on a device that is intended for recreational and personal use, you might as well shoot yourself in the foot.

Take back control of your business, bite the bullet and invest in a GPS tracker you can put your name behind.

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GPS Tracker (Pro) Vs. Phone GPS: Part 1

All GPS Trackers are the same, right? Wrong.

“Now approaching Starbuck…” the phone GPS told one woman as she approached a house in the middle of a Colorado field. She had been a little confused when the GPS guided her away from the main road down a long winding road, but she was desperate for her coffee and “hey, maybe there is a small ‘We proudly brew Starbucks’ within a small shop in a small town here.” But not only was there no Starbucks, there was also no town. She looked back down at her phone and sure enough, her phone GPS was indeed telling her that she was at Starbucks…in the middle of nowhere.

This is a true story that we have all encountered in a way. We use the GPS tracker in our phone to navigate us to a location, but even upon listing the correct address, we are routed to the wrong location, or for some reason, we are given the longest route there, wasting ample time and gas. For the women trying to get to Starbucks on a leisurely drive, as annoying as it was for her to waste gas and time, she was not on a time crunch with company dollars on the line.

Using  a GPS tracker is a way to save your company time and money. Cell phones are just not a reliable way to navigate your fleet when you are considering the risks involved. When working with deadlines, clients who depend on your punctuality to earn their money will not be as understanding as your friends if you are late to their party. If your drivers come across problems in the road, using the GPS on the phone may include inaccurate map information and may be misguiding for hours. This is a waste of so may resources, fuel, time, and in the process, you may lose potential clients.

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The Sun: Not Just a Good Source of Vitamin D

GPS Tracking: Powered by the Sun

In the early 1900s upper class individuals would take all measures possible to cover and hide their skin under layers of clothing and parasols to avoid the effects of the sun. As time went by, benefits of the sun surfaced and so did vitamin D seakers.

The sun is incredible for all it can do. From supplying warmth on a cold day, to playing a key role in the growth of plants, the sun is one of the most amazing resources of energy we have access to. To think, the same rays that bring life to a beautiful flower can also power heavy machines, cars, and buildings. Having daily access to one of the most valuable energy resources means a penny saved and a penny earned for companies across the globe.

Neglecting this resource does not make good business sense. Thankfully, many businesses are catching on, particularly those using GPS tracking. Those interested in using the energy the sun provides are looking for ways to save money through the continuous power it provides. Through the use of solar farms, which are sections of land which house solar panels used to pull energy from the sun, many companies are reaping tremendous benefits. Solar power is an extremely valuable use of this renewable energy.

Solar farms are growing in popularity, and are often placed in locations where cell phone coverage may be spotty and non-existent. GPS tracking provides an excellent way to get around the common problem that would impair communication and information transfer otherwise. GPS tracking provides companies with valuable information about their remote employees on the job site. Solar farms require top of the line equipment, so being able to keep track those who transport that equipment, is not only vital to business, but also vital to their safety on the job. To understand the role the sun plays in the present and the future of GPS tracking, is to understand the positive impact it will make on the bottom line.

We have come a long way over the past 100 years on our ability to see that the sun is far more valuable than we could have ever imagined. It brings us light, health, life, and now we know its ability to generate power for GPS tracking devices around the world.

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Here Comes the Delivery Truck: Part 2

GPS Tracking behind the scenes.

So as we established, although you may never have heard of GPS tracking, we are present in your daily transactions. We are the company that equips the companies in which you are familiar, with the tools to successfully line the shelves with the items you want or need. When our job is done well, you will never know we had a hand in making your item available for purchase.

We do our part to give drivers the safety and security to travel across country without the fear of avoidable breakdowns. Our maintenance plans alert companies when repairs or updates need to be made giving that added security that parts are working as they should. If an unavoidable breakdown occurs in transit, GPS tracking tells dispatchers where they cab access help, thus putting the shipment back on the road in a timely manner.

Road construction and weather can often hinder drive time, so GPS tracking will spotlight alternate routes in the journey, again, saving valuable time, on the road. Real time data computes speed, idle time, and many more functions of the journey that are invaluable to the client and intern, the customer.

GPS tracking is the convenience that the modern day business owner can count on. Companies who employ GPS tracking can rest assured that our equipment grants them access to an array of tools necessary to coordinate navigations, maintenance, and overall functionality of their delivery methodology. Our systems offer companies with a way to know the “Where?, What?, When?, Why? and How?” behind their vehicles carrying those important items 24/7. When a GPS tracking device is installed in a vehicle, dispatchers will be able to navigate

The next time you reach for that item you specifically went to that certain store in pursuit of, know that GPS tracking was working behind the scenes to ensure that you did not leave the store empty handed.

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Here Comes the Delivery Truck: Part 1

GPS tracker: affecting more than just businesses?

After scouring Pinterest for five hours, a bride decides a week before her wedding that the wedding will be an absolute disaster UNLESS she has these little glass jars she just found online that will house perfectly the tiny candies she ordered yesterday. She has been on her desperate search since 2am, and luckily her searched rendered these glass jars 30 minutes before she had to go to work. Upon entering her address, the company guarantees that the favors will arrive on her door in three days, plenty of time to transform into the item that will partner with her custom designed napkins, flute glasses, and center pieces, all items bought online and delivered to her door.

This is a very common scenario in this day and age. We go online and without a second thought, we pay money to have our order arrive by a certain date, and in almost every case it does. Businesses are the same way, just on a much larger scale, and they have much more to lose. They order their merchandise, their food products, their car parts, etc, and they expect delivery by a certain date and time. We have all at one time or another been present when a deliver truck arrives and everyone pitches in to help stock the shelves. The store is packed with more associates that day just for that event. If the truck is late or doesn’t arrive at all, not only does that store miss out on the resale of that good, they also lose money on the clock hours of the extra personnel.

How is it that so blindly we trust that our goods will arrive as promised? How can companies build their whole business on faith that the delivery truck packed full of more “hot” items will arrive in time to restock the shelf before the customer ever knows it was missing? The answer is “ A GPS tracker.”

Although you may never have heard of us before, we are ever present in your everyday lives, equipping companies with the tools to deliver more efficiently, the products that you crave. a GPS tracker is the stage crew, if you will. You will never see our name mentioned on your item, but we are more connected to your product than you will ever know.

When a company is confident in their ability to claim a certain date of arrival, on an item, a GPS tracker is usually involved.

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GPS Tracking And The Solar Panel Industry

What does GPS tracking have to do with the sun?

Typing “Solar Panel” in a Google search renders hundreds and hundreds of results, from where to purchase to self-install and DYI projects. Solar Panels are not only saving money, they are saving energy and using a method of power that takes advantage of the natural resource we have, the sun. More and more people are being more in tune with just how great solar power is.

Solar panels are increasing profits for businesses just from the savings alone. The use of solar panels means a cut in energy costs and an increase in tax rebates. All of this money saved just from using the energy generated by the sun, a resource we have had since the beginning of time. Fortually, individuals are finally taking advantage of it now although the concept has been around since the 1990s.

Because of the rise in popularity, companies implementing the installation of solar panels can benefit from GPS tracking. Solar panels are installed on roofs and depending on the size of the job, and the roof, the company may need to send out manpower in the hundreds. Keeping track of the maintenance, travel plans, safety, and security of these jobs, can be a large undertaking, Using GPS tracking, can turn what could otherwise be a nightmare, into a seamless task. With GPS trackers installed in each vehicle, dispatchers can be on top of the operations so driver’s main focus can be on showing up and getting the job done.

GPS tracking also benefits from solar power since in some remote locations, traditional signals that we rely on for fleet communication, are not as available, and through the use of the sun, we are able to direct fleets to their destinations. The sun has proved itself again to be one of our most valuable resources.

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How Construction Companies Benefit from a GPS Tracker

Construction company fleet cuts costs  with GPS tracker.

Starting a large scale construction project requires a large number of workers, tools, and vehicles to transport everyone and everything. Large construction companies will have multiple job sites under construction and these workers, tools, and vehicles will double, triple, quadruple. Needless to say, keeping on top of the maintenance of the vehicles, what goes where and when, and who should be where at what time. All of these variables make having a GPS tracker system in place imperative for the company’s operations to run smoothly.

By employing a GPS tracker, construction companies can save money in various facets of the business. From cutting fuel cost, to eliminating avoidable repairs, a GPS tracker is a money saver from all angles.

With so many vehicles, personnel, and items of equipment, construction companies, can become overwhelmed fast. A GPS tracker takes the guess work out of their daily ins and outs. Having an efficient way of tracking your remote employee, accounting, compliance, and training do not have to be a nightmare. GPS tracking cuts out wasted time that comes with manual input and mountains of paperwork. An entire manifold is designed to manage all employee affairs with the click of a button.

Hour by hour, an electronic timesheet displays hours worked, how long vehicles idled, when the vehicle was in operation and when it was turned off, and much more. Advanced systems actually have the ability to show, by assigned key fobs, who was using the vehicle. This system allows the tracking of each individual and which machines or vehicles they operated in any given day. This offers managers the convenience of assigning their personnel to various locations and job sites, and makes redirecting new projects painless.

No matter what step is saved by implementing a GPS tracker, construction companies benefit tremendously from the conveniences afforded by the system.

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GPS Tracking Via Space

GPS Tracking anywhere on the globe!

Anyone who has walked into an elevator and lost cell phone coverage, or has driven down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and received the error that their GPS is no longer able to navigate, would probably question US Fleet Tracking’s ability to navigate vehicles on job sites that are traditionally out of range. Most of the time, GPS tracking companies assist businesses that spend their journey on city roads, suburbs, and areas that have continuous coverage. But what about those companies who commute between locations miles and miles away from civilization. What about companies whose jobs are to carry and delivery equipment to oil fields, grain elevators, and wind turbines?

GPS tracking from ground based GPS satellites transmit signals by bouncing data from tower to tower. This process then throws the signal to the dispatcher who then collects and uses the data. For vehicles and drivers outside cellular tower range who depend on play-by-play real time data, a different approach is necessary, especially for those located in dangerous locations out in the middle of No Man’s Land. Typical GPS tracking does not work in these locations so an alternative is imperative for the safety of remote employees.

To ensure that businesses and organizations who commute into desolate locations on classified assignments are covered, we employ the assistance of Space. The technology used is referred to as Communication Satellite Networks. These networks are comprised of devices tailored to locate and track data via space. These devices orbit the earth promoting communication all over the world. So, when a jobs requires the driver to venture into locations out of tower range, we are still about to successfully and safely track every step of the operation.

GPS tracking through communication satellite networks are great for government assignments, scientific experiments, and news channels covering stories in isolated areas in the middle of nowhere. Before the use of this technology, we did not have the ability to bring the needed safety to these types of organizations, but with the employment of this technology, no matter where the job is located on the globe, we have you covered.

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