GPS Tracking, One Size Does Not Fit All Fleets


Get the right tool for the job!

If you are a large fleet company and in the market for a GPS tracking company, you need to be aware of a few items to ensure you are getting the right software for you. GPS trackers come in different shapes and sizes and one size does not fit all.

If you have a large fleet, you will have different needs than the mom and pop shop with two work vans and 3 employees. If your fleet has employees and vehicles in the hundreds, you will be dealing with the juggling that comes with mass technology updates, employee turnover, and other large-scale changes.

For your large fleet, your GPS tracking should include the ability to import and export data in massive quantities. Because your company evolves on a daily basis, your fleet needs the ability to change as needed, and on the fly. When an employee leaves, or a new employee is hired, you will need to accommodate equipment and technology updates through a streamlined process.

Choosing live GPS tracking software, with 10-second, not 1 or 5-minute tracking, that makes the transition as seamless as possible is truly a must. If you have already saved driving assignments, icons, specs on a vehicle, etc, you can avoid recreating this data again each time. Having the ability to quickly export this information then import it for the new employee saves the hassle and literal time it takes to recreate it. If your GPS tracking software gives you this freedom, you will have time for other demands.

A larger company is going to have different security demands than a smaller. You will have more employees that need different security needs. Different departments will need access to each other. Again, with a large group of employees, you do not have time to manually enter each employees dashboard. If you have a department with 100 employees who all need the same permission/access to a certain interface, you should have the ability to clone this profile for each. This will save you so much time opposed to the countless hours you would spend in manual entry.

When dealing with a large fleet, to keep track of which truck has which driver with which item going to which company can be overwhelming and nearly impossible on such a large scale. With US Fleet Tracking, you will be able to view important data to keep your deliveries orderly and flowing. All the information you will need about a shipment is just a click away giving dispatchers and managers the tools they need for successful delivery.

GPS tracking is such a vital asset to your daily business. Make sure you are doing whatever research necessary to make a sound decision on the fleet management software that will take your business to the next level day in and day out.

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