GPS Tracking: More Than Driving Instructions

GPS Tracking is More Than Driving Instructions

More than meets the Eye?

When most people think of GPS tracking they think of a robotic guide navigating a digital map; However, in thinking this, much value is lost. GPS tracking for fleet management allows companies to take the ins and outs of the job to a whole new level. Fleet management software shares with your company a massive amount of data tailored toward that information most pivotal to you and your fleet.

One of the most effective reports you will ever have about your fleet will come from your GPS tracking management software! Your tracking reports give you a snapshot of each moment with your fleet as if you were sitting in the passengers seat. From this report, you will discover innovative ways to save money. The report delivers to you a report card on how your drivers are performing on and off of the road. If your driver choose to idle longer than necessary, you will know. If your driver decides to use your vehicle for their personal use, you can keep a tab of how much they owe you. Your GPS tracking software will also let you know who has a led foot. If a driver is consistently speeding, you have the proof to go over during his or her review. GPS reports are good for cutting costs on so many levels.

Once you log into your GPS tracking portal, you will gain access to a 3D map pinpointing the exact location of each member of your fleet. If at any time, your drivers take an unauthorized turn, stays idle for an unnecessary amount of time, or take a personal trip on your dime, you have ground to stand on in a confrontation

Communication with your fleet just became simpler, which is important to the overall safety of your mobile team. Through your dashboard, you can launch messages straight to their GPS tracker-or phone-in a timely manner. You then have the accountability piece you need.

We have given you the tools to enhance your business, and the more you know, the better your operations.

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