GPS Tracking is Relevant to Your Company: Food Distribution Part 2

GPS Tracking Food Truck

Why is GPS Tracking Relevant to a Food Distribution Company?

We have established that live GPS tracking is not a service just for businesses fitting a certain mold. Live GPS tracking is relevant for companies of all shapes and sizes and we are here to help you understand the areas in which it can add value to your business.

As we established in our last scenarios, you are a small niche food distributer to an exclusive five-star restaurant. While on route to make an extremely important, time-sensitive deliver, your truck breaks down on the side of the road hours from your destination and your driver has lost his only mode of communication: his cell phone.

After all is said and done you end up losing not only the food items in the first truck, but you are forced to comp the second load that finally makes it to the destination too late for the debut of the promotional item. Along with the food, you have lost an engine, the fuel in three vehicles, the salary for the extra staff attempting to salvage your first truck, the salary for the driver transporting your new load of comped items, the salary for your stranded driver, a large repeat client and any residual damage you may have caused, and your reputation.

GPS tracking would have saved the day in this scenario for a multitude of reasons. The first and most proactive way to protect not only your fleet, but also your assets, and your reputation is the maintenance alerts. GPS tracking has a feature that allows you to set maintenance alerts. Had your company used these alerts, you would have known that this truck was not the condition needed to transport this game-changing load. We could take it one step further to mention that this vehicle would never have had the chance be in this type of shape since routine maintenance would have ensured it be in top driving condition at all times, never reaching inadequate oil levels that caused the engine to seize.

Secondly, in the event that a fluke happened to this vehicle causing engine malfunction, you would have known right away to send relief and the planned “wiggle room” might have been just that, instead of causing a missed shipment.

With GPS tracking, you know the speed of your vehicles, your location, and if they are on target to arrive on time. You have the ability to track all areas of the journey and be in constant contact with your drivers to check in at any moment. The scenario of a driver being out of contact because of a dead phone battery is in the past. With GPS tracking, you can send message to your driver information, alerts, and much more.

Some individuals think that GPS tracking is just another unneeded expense, but as this scenario represents, the possible loss without GPS tracking is so much more than its expense. The cost of the service is far less than recovery from this type of unfortunate situation.

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