GPS Tracking is Relevant to Your Company: Food Distribution Part 1

GPS Tracking Food Truck

Why is GPS Tracking Relevant to a Food Distribution Company?

Many of our potential customers have are convinced that in order to benefit from GPS tracking, you must be a company that fits into a certain mold; that is far from the truth. Many companies, big and small, chain and the one and only, niche or one of one-million, you can benefit from GPS tracking. Since our clients come in all shapes and sizes, we will occasionally highlight examples of why your business could benefit from fleet tracking management. We may go one step further and explain why you should not live without it.

Company: Small Niche Food Distributor

Let’s say you are a small niche food distributer to an exclusive five star restaurant across the state. Your truck for this particular job is slated to arrive at one location at 5am. This delivery has been planned to arrive in time for the employees to prep a new promotional lunch item they have been advertising around town and has picked up much hype. This item is advertised as fresh, so they are depending upon having it for delivered a few hours beforehand to prep before the debut. The store recognizes they will be cutting this close, which is why they have paid your company a large sum on top of your normal rate to ensure it arrives on time if not early. The introduction of the item has gained this restaurant a good buzz in the area, and folks will be lining up early to try the item. With this in mind, your driver left the warehouse hours early for wiggle room and all is going well.

At 6:00am, however, you receive a call from an irate GM who is 30 minutes past their prep start time and still no truck. Frantically, you call the driver to find out where they are and why the items have not been delivered. The phone goes immediately to voicemail. Over the next few hours, you are checking company phone logs; trying to gain whatever insight you can about your delayed shipment and lost driver. Around 8:30, you finally hear from your driver who is okay, but still 2 hours away from their destination. It turns out that on their route, not only did they cell phone die, the engine locked up as a result of inadequate oil levels.

You reactively send maintenance to the scene, which is hours away, and quickly load another truck with the items needed for the lunch debut. At 1:30pm the items arrive at the restaurant…but too late.

Once the day is over, you examine your losses: One truck engine, fuel for a truck that never arrived at its destination, fuel for the replacement truck, fuel for the truck providing maintenance, a truck full of spoiled food items, a truck full of replacement food items the client will not be charged for, and one large client. While you will recover, the losses are detrimental to your bottom line and contribute to your missing a goal for the quarter, as the client was projected to provide a substantial amount of the forecasted dollars through repeat business.

What difference would live GPS tracking have made in this scenario?

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