GPS Tracking Saves You Money

GPS Tracking save_money

How Do I Save Money With GPS Tracking?

Here at US Fleet Tracking, we are in the problem solving business. If you’re in the market to improve your business with the use of GPS tracking, you are in the right place! We tackle a number of issues our fleet customers of all sizes face on a regular basis.

Challenges we find consistent across the board involve the maintenance, replacement, and fueling of your fleet. With the installation of 10-second live GPS tracking, you will acquire a set of tools that allow you to keep tabs on the vehicles within your fleet. From one dashboard, you will be able to see when your vehicles turn on, how long they idle, what speed your drivers are going, and any unauthorized usage. GPS tracking will eliminate errors in your route that would normally result in fuel loss. With the open channel established between your dispatcher and drivers, your team will be more efficient, and less likely to encounter time-consuming, distracting and budget-draining trouble down the road.

The money you will save on fuel by implementing live GPS tracking often more than covers the expense of the system within months. After that, just imagine the possibilities with those funds you have just freed.

Maintenance is one of those expense that while annoying, is incredibly necessary and unavoidable. The most frustrating type of maintenance however is that unexpected unhappy surprise of a vehicle breaking down a the most inopportune time. That is why GPS tracking plays such a huge role in keeping your fleet “trucking.” Through our fleet management software, and Vehicle Maintenance module, you have the ability to set alerts and reminders when members of your fleet are due for routine maintenance.

Replacing a vehicle either because of break-downs or theft can cost a pretty penny. Making sure to keep up with that routine maintenance extends the life of your vehicles. This proactive approach leaves room to plan that expense in the future rather the reactionary buying of a replacement if something goes wrong. Also, through GPS tracking, you will know where your vehicles are at all times which reduces the chance that a vehicle will get away without your knowing.

Instead of wasting money year after year on lost fuel and broken down vehicles, put those dollars to proven use. Make an investment in live GPS tracking and move more impact to your bottom line.

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