GPS Tracker steps in for “Dad’s Reminders”

GPS Tracker Dad's Reminders

“Check the Oil!”

Many of us grew up walking out the door with our Dad’s voice following behind reminding us to “check the oil!”. At the time we may not have appreciated this loving gesture or understood his concern until we were out on our own. It would only take being stranded on the road one time with a broken-down vehicle to appreciate the value of Dad’s reminder.

Too bad that the commodity of having Dad as that constant reminder to maintain the health of our vehicles cannot be here at all times. Or can it? GPS tracking emanates dad’s voice with automatic maintenance alerts. Before your vehicles have a chance to break down, your GPS tracker will alert you of your vehicle’s needs. Having this automated feature takes the guess work out of when your fleet needs to be serviced. This feature also give you the convenience of never having to manually track odometer readings.

With each new (or old) vehicle, management can create scheduled prompts to serve as your reminders and from these schedule, they can draw up reports. These reports will show you a list of the vehicles due for maintenance so that members of your fleet are not thousands of miles away from a vehicle that have been overused.

Automated maintenance reminders save your company money in the long run for several reasons. First of all, when a vehicle is stranded or broken down, every moment is more of your money down the drain. You are not only paying your driver additional hours on the clock, you are also cutting down on profit from the job they were headed to, the next job they could have been on route to, and the money to repair or replace the broken down vehicle. Being proactive with your maintenance will save you so much money down the road, literally and figuratively.

The way your fleet performs dictates the future of your company. If your operations are on track, your healthy bottom line will follow. By implementing routine maintenance reminders, you are reducing costs, saving time, and staying on top of your goals.

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