GPS Tracker Keeps Integrity Intact

GPS Tracker Keeping Integrity

Is Lack of Integrity Costing You Money?

Author C.S. Lewis once said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Digesting this quote calls us to look at the world around us and consider how different our world would be if everyone lived out integrity? How different would your business be if every employee did their job to the fullest whether management was around or not.

As hard as it may be to think about it, not everyone in your organization is making the best use of your dollar. You certainly have people in mind at this moment who are doing it right, but others who may be putting on an academy-award winning performance the moment you appear.

Statistically, you do have individuals on your team that still uphold integrity, but unfortunately we cannot be blind to those who are not. Fortunately for you, GPS tracking gives you real time data on your remote employees so you can rely upon more than theory.

So, what is their lack of integrity costing you?

For starters, they are taking more time than needed on trips. This costs you on several levels. First, you are paying them while they are on the clock. If they take 4 hours to get somewhere that should take 2, you are paying them their hourly wages, 2 hours over what they should be paid. Second, your vehicle is possibly running twice the length of time it should, meaning you are using twice the amount of fuel needed for the trip. When they take 4 hours to arrive, you are missing out on 2 hours toward a future job or delivery.

Next, they are using your vehicles for personal use. When your employees use your vehicles off of the clock, while you are not losing money on their pay, you are losing money on fuel and wear and tear on the vehicles. Every moment you vehicle is turned on, you are one moment closer to repairs and you are one moment closer to needing fuel. These are two areas that cost you money meaning that you are funding his or her personal ventures.

When you install a GPS tracker, you will inherit a play-by-play of what your employees are doing. Whether on or off the clock, when your vehicle is turned on, you have a toolbox of data that reveals where it is going, how long it idles, and if it is taking off road adventures. With the accountability of GPS Tracking you do not have to wonder if your employees are practicing integrity or not. Viewing their actions will be a click away.

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