The Value of a Real-Time GPS Tracker


Does your GPS Tracker have Real-Time Functionality?

Who really likes purchasing life insurance, long-term disability, a plot in a cemetery? Unless a member of the Addams Family, more than likely, you don’t relish the thought of getting your money’s worth of these items since the thought of getting what you paid for seems a little morbid. These items are very important though, and in the event that you need them, your family and loved ones are taken care of, or in the case of long-term disability, you have the funds needed to be cared for.

An aspect of GPS tracking that we do not like to think about needing is the emergency features offered. We offer members of your fleet the ability to signal for help should they be in an emergency situation or even in the event they feel their safety is threatened. By the simple use of a panic button, text message, or their installed GPS tracker, they can notify your dispatcher to alert the authorities if intervention is needed. If your driver is stranded on the side of the road, you can pinpoint their location to get help on the way.

Another safety feature present with your GPS tracking software is theft prevention. Since each vehicle is armed with your GPS tracker, you will know where your vehicles are at all times, even if they have been stolen. The GPS allows for real-time location tracking allowing you amble time to recover your equipment before further damage is done if any.

In an event that a job comes up that needs to take priority, you are able to contact the dispatcher to locate which driver is closest to the job instead of calling each one. Through your GPS device, you can send the driver their new assignment. This saves time and fuel since you are able to locate the closest driver to the job and you are eliminating the chances of multiple drivers going to the same job.

If you are just starting your pursuit of fleet tracking management, you are just scratching the surface of the possibilities afforded to you through this goldmine of opportunity: live GPS tracking.

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