Cutting Edge GPS Tracking Software Takes Your Sales To A New Level

Cutting Edge GPS Tracking Software

Do you use cutting edge GPS Tracking Software?

Technology has made leaps and bounds in the past 15 years. Back in 1999, having a cell phone was in no way as common as it was in 2005, and sending a text message was in no way as common in 2005 as it was in 2010. Who would have thought we would be in a place now that making a phone call would be the antiquated method of communication in 2014.

When using GPS tracking with your fleet, phones are far from the best means of communication. Our fleet tracking management software has made communicating with your fleet more user friendly, less time consuming, and thus more efficient. With the use of our software’s dashboard, you can schedule new stops, deliver important news items, and make drivers aware of driving violations. With shortcut message responses, drivers will practice safer driving on the road while still keeping communication lines open.

Our GPS tracking software will lessen the chance of miscommunication while maximizing drivers’ time availability to handle more service calls. For example, if you are a home repair company needing to expedite your arrival to the job, our GPS tracking will allow you not only to decide which employee is closest to the destination, but upon quickly establishing that, communicate address, driving directions, and details of the job to your mobile worker. This assures your customers will be well taken care of, and in a timely fashion.

Before live GPS tracking, you had to count on your customers, other drivers, and the word of your worker to know if the job was done. With 10-second live GPS tracking, you have exposure to a plethora of information about your drivers and their performance on the job, all from a single device. The moment they turn the key, you have the ability to know speed,idle time, and when the vehicle is being used, even outside work hours. You now have the ability to set alerts notifying whomever needs to know this information. Their knowing this will serve as accountability and will gives more peace of mind that your dollars are being well spent. Instead of wasting valuable time checking in and out and risking missed information, you will have all pertinent data automatically. As well, other implementations such as weather overlay, live traffic and historical playback enhance become key value-added features within your whole strategy.

Live GPS tracking has made your job so much easier, and with our aforementioned cutting-edge features, continues to meet the ever-changing demands of technology, assuring you stay ahead in the battle to close big business.

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