GPS Tracking System Can Keep Your Information Safe

How Can GPS Tracking Protect Privacy?

Our world is changing, and the more advanced technology is, the less privacy we will have. When you go shopping, we cannot leave the store without being handed a coupon with a strategically selected product chosen to fit the needs we just revealed with our purchase. When we buy diapers, we might receive a coupon for wipes or a digital baby book from Shutterfly. With our purchase of a coffee maker, we will more than likely receive a coupon for coffee. The world as we know it is long and gone. Everywhere we go, we are leaving digital footprints behind. This new found need to be secure might cause some backlash with drivers who are already fearful of their security. The thought of every move they make literally being recored through GPS tracking, can be unnerving to say the least. The security of your company is our top priority as the safety of your fleet is yours. At US Fleet Tracking, we have put security measures in place to protect your company from harm that can come from your information getting into the wrong hands. We work with top of the line software secured by our elite back-up systems to ensure that no matter where your fleet is located, you have access to what you need, and unauthorized individuals will not. Your valuable information is password protected from a private network, and we have in place security protocols to keep it that way. GPS tracking is intended to save your company money, but also to keep your drivers and their cargo safe. When a driver starts his or her trip, they can rest assured knowing that GPS tracking is a safeguard they can rely on to keep them safer on the road. Instead of seeing the GPS tracker installed in their vehicle as an intrusion or privacy invasion, they will see it as a way to communicate with you when and if problems arise while in commute. GPS tracking is not a one way street and having this software in place, also allow your to communicate to your drivers if you should need to steer them away from harms ways. In a world of compromised security, we promise to do all we can at all times to prove to you that you matter, and our giving you the tools to protect your fleet is just one of those ways. To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.

Do Your Homework to Find the Best GPS Tracker

How to avoid GPS Tracker “Buyers Remorse”.

When shopping around for a GPS tracker company to handle your system, you never want to rush into a contract without doing your homework. Not only is fleet tracking software a large investment money wise, your choice of company will have residual consequences, good or bad.

We have all had that experience where we find a product or a service to meet a need that sounds too good to be true. This product or service might be one that won us over with the bells and whistles offered, and instead of waiting it out and looking further, made the impulse buy and did not look back. We did not look back that is, until something went wrong and we found out too late that it was indeed too good to be true. This kind of situation leaves us very frustrated and makes our next business pursuit even more difficult. As a business this is even more tricky seeing as though, a purchase does not just affect one individual. The moves we make as a business a risky on a much larger scale. While we know in business risk is the name of the game, everyone’s future is on the line, and our choices do not just affect us.

To choose the best company, doing a thorough background check is vital. Some best practices include but are not limited to checking for customer reviews, surveying business reports, and investigating their current accreditation and awards.

GPS Tracker companies work with companies of all sizes. Making sure that their reputation holds true for businesses of all sizes is extremely important, especially for businesses of your size.

In the information age, we have little to know excuse that we “didn’t know they had a bad reputation.” We have access multiple resources online to cross-reference information about a company. Typing the company name in Google will yield pages of results with more information than you could ever have time to read. Your search will give you access to what others think of the business you are considering, the pros and cons, and document after document of information. You will be able to locate most accreditation and awards, you will hear how current customers feel and how the company does business once a prospect becomes a customer, and you will find out if there are any red flags.

Before you even step in the door for a consultation, you can walk in with confidence that you have come to the right place because you have done your research. Before you make that phone call to even set-up the meeting, you will know that you have done your due diligence to make the best decision for your business.

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GPS Tracking, One Size Does Not Fit All Fleets

Get the right tool for the job!

If you are a large fleet company and in the market for a GPS tracking company, you need to be aware of a few items to ensure you are getting the right software for you. GPS trackers come in different shapes and sizes and one size does not fit all.

If you have a large fleet, you will have different needs than the mom and pop shop with two work vans and 3 employees. If your fleet has employees and vehicles in the hundreds, you will be dealing with the juggling that comes with mass technology updates, employee turnover, and other large-scale changes.

For your large fleet, your GPS tracking should include the ability to import and export data in massive quantities. Because your company evolves on a daily basis, your fleet needs the ability to change as needed, and on the fly. When an employee leaves, or a new employee is hired, you will need to accommodate equipment and technology updates through a streamlined process.

Choosing live GPS tracking software, with 10-second, not 1 or 5-minute tracking, that makes the transition as seamless as possible is truly a must. If you have already saved driving assignments, icons, specs on a vehicle, etc, you can avoid recreating this data again each time. Having the ability to quickly export this information then import it for the new employee saves the hassle and literal time it takes to recreate it. If your GPS tracking software gives you this freedom, you will have time for other demands.

A larger company is going to have different security demands than a smaller. You will have more employees that need different security needs. Different departments will need access to each other. Again, with a large group of employees, you do not have time to manually enter each employees dashboard. If you have a department with 100 employees who all need the same permission/access to a certain interface, you should have the ability to clone this profile for each. This will save you so much time opposed to the countless hours you would spend in manual entry.

When dealing with a large fleet, to keep track of which truck has which driver with which item going to which company can be overwhelming and nearly impossible on such a large scale. With US Fleet Tracking, you will be able to view important data to keep your deliveries orderly and flowing. All the information you will need about a shipment is just a click away giving dispatchers and managers the tools they need for successful delivery.

GPS tracking is such a vital asset to your daily business. Make sure you are doing whatever research necessary to make a sound decision on the fleet management software that will take your business to the next level day in and day out.

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GPS Tracking: More Than Driving Instructions

More than meets the Eye?

When most people think of GPS tracking they think of a robotic guide navigating a digital map; However, in thinking this, much value is lost. GPS tracking for fleet management allows companies to take the ins and outs of the job to a whole new level. Fleet management software shares with your company a massive amount of data tailored toward that information most pivotal to you and your fleet.

One of the most effective reports you will ever have about your fleet will come from your GPS tracking management software! Your tracking reports give you a snapshot of each moment with your fleet as if you were sitting in the passengers seat. From this report, you will discover innovative ways to save money. The report delivers to you a report card on how your drivers are performing on and off of the road. If your driver choose to idle longer than necessary, you will know. If your driver decides to use your vehicle for their personal use, you can keep a tab of how much they owe you. Your GPS tracking software will also let you know who has a led foot. If a driver is consistently speeding, you have the proof to go over during his or her review. GPS reports are good for cutting costs on so many levels.

Once you log into your GPS tracking portal, you will gain access to a 3D map pinpointing the exact location of each member of your fleet. If at any time, your drivers take an unauthorized turn, stays idle for an unnecessary amount of time, or take a personal trip on your dime, you have ground to stand on in a confrontation

Communication with your fleet just became simpler, which is important to the overall safety of your mobile team. Through your dashboard, you can launch messages straight to their GPS tracker-or phone-in a timely manner. You then have the accountability piece you need.

We have given you the tools to enhance your business, and the more you know, the better your operations.

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GPS Tracking is Relevant to Your Company: Food Distribution Part 2

Why is GPS Tracking Relevant to a Food Distribution Company?

We have established that live GPS tracking is not a service just for businesses fitting a certain mold. Live GPS tracking is relevant for companies of all shapes and sizes and we are here to help you understand the areas in which it can add value to your business.

As we established in our last scenarios, you are a small niche food distributer to an exclusive five-star restaurant. While on route to make an extremely important, time-sensitive deliver, your truck breaks down on the side of the road hours from your destination and your driver has lost his only mode of communication: his cell phone.

After all is said and done you end up losing not only the food items in the first truck, but you are forced to comp the second load that finally makes it to the destination too late for the debut of the promotional item. Along with the food, you have lost an engine, the fuel in three vehicles, the salary for the extra staff attempting to salvage your first truck, the salary for the driver transporting your new load of comped items, the salary for your stranded driver, a large repeat client and any residual damage you may have caused, and your reputation.

GPS tracking would have saved the day in this scenario for a multitude of reasons. The first and most proactive way to protect not only your fleet, but also your assets, and your reputation is the maintenance alerts. GPS tracking has a feature that allows you to set maintenance alerts. Had your company used these alerts, you would have known that this truck was not the condition needed to transport this game-changing load. We could take it one step further to mention that this vehicle would never have had the chance be in this type of shape since routine maintenance would have ensured it be in top driving condition at all times, never reaching inadequate oil levels that caused the engine to seize.

Secondly, in the event that a fluke happened to this vehicle causing engine malfunction, you would have known right away to send relief and the planned “wiggle room” might have been just that, instead of causing a missed shipment.

With GPS tracking, you know the speed of your vehicles, your location, and if they are on target to arrive on time. You have the ability to track all areas of the journey and be in constant contact with your drivers to check in at any moment. The scenario of a driver being out of contact because of a dead phone battery is in the past. With GPS tracking, you can send message to your driver information, alerts, and much more.

Some individuals think that GPS tracking is just another unneeded expense, but as this scenario represents, the possible loss without GPS tracking is so much more than its expense. The cost of the service is far less than recovery from this type of unfortunate situation.

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GPS Tracking is Relevant to Your Company: Food Distribution Part 1

Why is GPS Tracking Relevant to a Food Distribution Company?

Many of our potential customers have are convinced that in order to benefit from GPS tracking, you must be a company that fits into a certain mold; that is far from the truth. Many companies, big and small, chain and the one and only, niche or one of one-million, you can benefit from GPS tracking. Since our clients come in all shapes and sizes, we will occasionally highlight examples of why your business could benefit from fleet tracking management. We may go one step further and explain why you should not live without it.

Company: Small Niche Food Distributor

Let’s say you are a small niche food distributer to an exclusive five star restaurant across the state. Your truck for this particular job is slated to arrive at one location at 5am. This delivery has been planned to arrive in time for the employees to prep a new promotional lunch item they have been advertising around town and has picked up much hype. This item is advertised as fresh, so they are depending upon having it for delivered a few hours beforehand to prep before the debut. The store recognizes they will be cutting this close, which is why they have paid your company a large sum on top of your normal rate to ensure it arrives on time if not early. The introduction of the item has gained this restaurant a good buzz in the area, and folks will be lining up early to try the item. With this in mind, your driver left the warehouse hours early for wiggle room and all is going well.

At 6:00am, however, you receive a call from an irate GM who is 30 minutes past their prep start time and still no truck. Frantically, you call the driver to find out where they are and why the items have not been delivered. The phone goes immediately to voicemail. Over the next few hours, you are checking company phone logs; trying to gain whatever insight you can about your delayed shipment and lost driver. Around 8:30, you finally hear from your driver who is okay, but still 2 hours away from their destination. It turns out that on their route, not only did they cell phone die, the engine locked up as a result of inadequate oil levels.

You reactively send maintenance to the scene, which is hours away, and quickly load another truck with the items needed for the lunch debut. At 1:30pm the items arrive at the restaurant…but too late.

Once the day is over, you examine your losses: One truck engine, fuel for a truck that never arrived at its destination, fuel for the replacement truck, fuel for the truck providing maintenance, a truck full of spoiled food items, a truck full of replacement food items the client will not be charged for, and one large client. While you will recover, the losses are detrimental to your bottom line and contribute to your missing a goal for the quarter, as the client was projected to provide a substantial amount of the forecasted dollars through repeat business.

What difference would live GPS tracking have made in this scenario?

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GPS Tracking Saves You Money

How Do I Save Money With GPS Tracking?

Here at US Fleet Tracking, we are in the problem solving business. If you’re in the market to improve your business with the use of GPS tracking, you are in the right place! We tackle a number of issues our fleet customers of all sizes face on a regular basis.

Challenges we find consistent across the board involve the maintenance, replacement, and fueling of your fleet. With the installation of 10-second live GPS tracking, you will acquire a set of tools that allow you to keep tabs on the vehicles within your fleet. From one dashboard, you will be able to see when your vehicles turn on, how long they idle, what speed your drivers are going, and any unauthorized usage. GPS tracking will eliminate errors in your route that would normally result in fuel loss. With the open channel established between your dispatcher and drivers, your team will be more efficient, and less likely to encounter time-consuming, distracting and budget-draining trouble down the road.

The money you will save on fuel by implementing live GPS tracking often more than covers the expense of the system within months. After that, just imagine the possibilities with those funds you have just freed.

Maintenance is one of those expense that while annoying, is incredibly necessary and unavoidable. The most frustrating type of maintenance however is that unexpected unhappy surprise of a vehicle breaking down a the most inopportune time. That is why GPS tracking plays such a huge role in keeping your fleet “trucking.” Through our fleet management software, and Vehicle Maintenance module, you have the ability to set alerts and reminders when members of your fleet are due for routine maintenance.

Replacing a vehicle either because of break-downs or theft can cost a pretty penny. Making sure to keep up with that routine maintenance extends the life of your vehicles. This proactive approach leaves room to plan that expense in the future rather the reactionary buying of a replacement if something goes wrong. Also, through GPS tracking, you will know where your vehicles are at all times which reduces the chance that a vehicle will get away without your knowing.

Instead of wasting money year after year on lost fuel and broken down vehicles, put those dollars to proven use. Make an investment in live GPS tracking and move more impact to your bottom line.

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GPS Tracker steps in for “Dad’s Reminders”

“Check the Oil!”

Many of us grew up walking out the door with our Dad’s voice following behind reminding us to “check the oil!”. At the time we may not have appreciated this loving gesture or understood his concern until we were out on our own. It would only take being stranded on the road one time with a broken-down vehicle to appreciate the value of Dad’s reminder.

Too bad that the commodity of having Dad as that constant reminder to maintain the health of our vehicles cannot be here at all times. Or can it? GPS tracking emanates dad’s voice with automatic maintenance alerts. Before your vehicles have a chance to break down, your GPS tracker will alert you of your vehicle’s needs. Having this automated feature takes the guess work out of when your fleet needs to be serviced. This feature also give you the convenience of never having to manually track odometer readings.

With each new (or old) vehicle, management can create scheduled prompts to serve as your reminders and from these schedule, they can draw up reports. These reports will show you a list of the vehicles due for maintenance so that members of your fleet are not thousands of miles away from a vehicle that have been overused.

Automated maintenance reminders save your company money in the long run for several reasons. First of all, when a vehicle is stranded or broken down, every moment is more of your money down the drain. You are not only paying your driver additional hours on the clock, you are also cutting down on profit from the job they were headed to, the next job they could have been on route to, and the money to repair or replace the broken down vehicle. Being proactive with your maintenance will save you so much money down the road, literally and figuratively.

The way your fleet performs dictates the future of your company. If your operations are on track, your healthy bottom line will follow. By implementing routine maintenance reminders, you are reducing costs, saving time, and staying on top of your goals.

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The Critical Question For A Potential GPS Tracking Company

What should I ask my supplier before purchasing a GPS Tracker?

One of the biggest question your company should ask, though not initially think of, is “How much downtime should I expect?” If the answer is anything but “No downtime,” you need to rethink future business with that company. Downtime is that period of time when the software is either unavailable or is not performing at its highest capacity. Downtime could be when the system needs to be updated, routine maintenance, or just some unplanned outage.

Whatever the reason for the downtime, for a business that depending on the software for extremely important business transactions, downtime can be very detrimental. What use is a high tech GPS management system if tracking your fleet cannot happen 24/7? If you are not able to use the GPS tracker 100% of the time, what could potentially be lost?

Let’s say that you have a shipment that a customer has paid extra to have delivered by a certain time. Your driver with the shipment encounters an unexpected traffic jam from an accident and due to the severity, news reports are predicting the congestion to be cleared in 2 hours. Right when your dispatcher is about to check on alternative routes for your driver in order to make the shipment within the time frame, your fleet management company starts performing a software update, and boom, the dispatcher no longer sees the map with your driver’s location and no longer sees the map which would locate another route. This means that not only will your customer not have their shipment on time, but your company will also need to reimburse the extra cost they paid for to get the shipment there by a certain time, and you have a dissatisfied customer on your hands.

Our fleet management system has the capabilities in place that allow us to do our work on the software behind the scenes so that even when we are updating, you will never know. We make sure that the needs of your company are our top priority. We never want to put you or your fleet in an uncomfortable situation that could cause your company to lose money, or even worse, your reputation.

When you are in the market for a live GPS tracking system, we suggest that you not only talk in detail with the company, but you do your research. Talk to customers already using the software to see what their experience is with the GPS tracker. The last thing your company needs is to sign a contract with a company that meets every one of your needs, but yet, lack the ability to update their software without your taking a beating. No matter how many bells and whistles the company may have, if performance day-in-day-out without the fear of a pivotal system can’t be counted on, you need to keep looking.

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GPS Tracker Keeps Integrity Intact

Is Lack of Integrity Costing You Money?

Author C.S. Lewis once said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Digesting this quote calls us to look at the world around us and consider how different our world would be if everyone lived out integrity? How different would your business be if every employee did their job to the fullest whether management was around or not.

As hard as it may be to think about it, not everyone in your organization is making the best use of your dollar. You certainly have people in mind at this moment who are doing it right, but others who may be putting on an academy-award winning performance the moment you appear.

Statistically, you do have individuals on your team that still uphold integrity, but unfortunately we cannot be blind to those who are not. Fortunately for you, GPS tracking gives you real time data on your remote employees so you can rely upon more than theory.

So, what is their lack of integrity costing you?

For starters, they are taking more time than needed on trips. This costs you on several levels. First, you are paying them while they are on the clock. If they take 4 hours to get somewhere that should take 2, you are paying them their hourly wages, 2 hours over what they should be paid. Second, your vehicle is possibly running twice the length of time it should, meaning you are using twice the amount of fuel needed for the trip. When they take 4 hours to arrive, you are missing out on 2 hours toward a future job or delivery.

Next, they are using your vehicles for personal use. When your employees use your vehicles off of the clock, while you are not losing money on their pay, you are losing money on fuel and wear and tear on the vehicles. Every moment you vehicle is turned on, you are one moment closer to repairs and you are one moment closer to needing fuel. These are two areas that cost you money meaning that you are funding his or her personal ventures.

When you install a GPS tracker, you will inherit a play-by-play of what your employees are doing. Whether on or off the clock, when your vehicle is turned on, you have a toolbox of data that reveals where it is going, how long it idles, and if it is taking off road adventures. With the accountability of GPS Tracking you do not have to wonder if your employees are practicing integrity or not. Viewing their actions will be a click away.

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