Cutting Fuel Costs through GPS Tracking

Cut Costs With GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking = Saving $$$

GPS tracking is a must have for any company managing the operation of any vehicle. The cost of purchasing the service is payed back time and time by either the money the company saves with us or through additional business picked up from the additional time they now have available. The savings are through the roof in various areas of the business, but the cost from a reduction in fuel costs alone is enough to justify the addition of GPS tracking.

GPS tracking gives the company your company access to knowing more detailed information about your fleet. Many items have been wasting your money for years, so this new found knowledge is sure to be an eye opener to your accounting department.

The first way you will save money on fuel is that with GPS tracking, you will know when a vehicle is idling for an extended, unnecessary period of time. Rumor has it that stopping and restarting an engine wastes too much fuel, so leaving the vehicle running is more cost effective. This is only a rumor, and in fact is wasteful of your money. With your GPS tracker, you will have access to seeing the amount of time a vehicle is running, yet staying in one place. If you find that a driver has a habit of idling for more than a few hours a day, this matter should be brought to his or her attention.

Another cost saving feature of our GPS tracker is that your drivers are not as likely to waste your valuable time lost, or taking a time consuming route down the road. With GPS tracking, dispatchers have the ability to see the exact location of your drivers as well as the best, most direct route to his or her location. If in event a driver was lost, dispatchers can quickly help them find their way back to the route. The faster your drivers reach their locations, the faster the job is done, and the more time they have available for other jobs. This makes travel time shorter, which again, reduces fuel costs.

These two areas are only a few ways to cut costs using GPS tracking. We are confident that you will find even more unique ways that your company will save money and boost that earning potential.

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