Integrating A GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker Integration

GPS Tracker Integration Is Key For Efficiency

So you may be considering the use of a GPS tracker for fleet management, but you are not sure how it will work with the back-end software you are already using. More than likely, you already have so much invested in what you have been using and understanding what to do may be overwhelming to think about. That’s why we are here to help. We have a way of integrating your existing back-end software with our GPS tracker data. Instead of having to work from two completely different operating programs, software integration will give you one platform.

With integration, you have a few options. We can create communication between between your back-end systems and the data from your GPS tracker. For this method, we would need a member of your team to do some manual entry. This method of would keep track of your fleet’s location asset management. Another integration involves map overlay which allows you to view your important data along with vehicles. Data dumping schedules a report for users that contains the most valuable information. Finally, the most extensive is where we perform a full integration customized and programed to connect your applications to the GPS tracker data.

Imagine being able to have the convenience of a GPS tracker right in front of you alongside the other information you need to see day in and day out. You will be able to make better decisions for the business in a more concise way.

When trying to select the right GPS tracker, make sure to focus on finding the most user friendly platform that allows you 24/7 access to not only viewing your data, but also the support you need in the event that questions or issues arise. Integration is not the only feature they should offer. You want to make sure that their fleet management offers you the best features to meet the your unique needs as a company.

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