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It’s hard to hide from a GPS Tracker

A recent Facebook status update alerted cell phone users of the map feature giving away a person’s location upon taking pictures. Individuals were appalled and terrified at the thought that someone would be able to see the exact location of their sleeping child at that moment due to the location service on the phone. The status share encouraged parents to turn off the location service feature to ensure the privacy and safety of their children. Although you may be removing the ability for your cousin’s co-worker’s creepy brother to see your children, studies have shown, you are still not completely hidden from technology.

Installed inside your phone is what’s called an “accelerometer,” which prompts your phone to switch the orientation of your keyboard when you flip it horizontally. The accelerometer contains a digital fingerprint unique only to your device giving it the ability to still be tracked. Along with the accelerometer’s fingerprint, other features within your device, like your camera, can carry a unique signal that distinguishes your device from others. While this is alarming, this shows how advanced technology is.

GPS tracking has revolutionized the world we live in. At one point in time, no one would have been able to even fathom that just by entering in a location, an electronic voice named Siri would be able to guide a us to that exact location we were looking for. GPS tracking has made life, as we know it, a whole lot easier.

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