Don’t let breakdowns keep you from your next stop


Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns

What series of events takes place following the “I am broken down in Memphis so I’m not going to make my stop in Nashville” call? Well, besides a loss in vehicle and driver productivity, there will be a very unhappy customer. To add insult to injury, despite the loss of their means to do their job, your driver is still on the clock and must be paid. No only do you experience a monetary loss, you may also be jeopardizing the future business relationship with this customer.

The use of our GPS tracker is a great way to minimize the existence of this scenario. While we cannot ensure that you will never encounter trouble on the road, we can however, supply you with a tool that will allow you to pinpoint the unique maintenance needs of your fleet in one glance. We provide our customers with a GPS tracker that gives you the power to set maintenance reminders on all of your vehicles. This creates the opportunity for you to be proactive with your fleet so you can reach any potential issues before they have a chance to occur. With our GPS tracker alerting you of when a truck is due for maintenance, “breakdown” calls will become more obsolete. If a breakdown does occur, time is not wasted attempting to located the vehicle since the GPS tracker will already know the exact location along with the closest repair personnel.

Besides the loss of time, vehicle and driver productivity, and money, truck breakdowns can put your driver in harm’s way. By eliminating the issues that cause breakdowns, you are intern keeping your drivers safe on the road.

US Fleet Tracking is dedicated to taking the guess work out of your maintenance plan. Your success is our success. We want your dollars to be well spent and in our opinion, a penny saved is a penny earned.

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