What’s All The Hype About Telematics?



In the world of GPS tracking, you may have heard the term “telematics.” Broken down, telematics is the heart of what we do at US Fleet Tracking. Through the use of telecommunications, and informatics we enable you to send, receive, retrieve, and store information about your vehicles, telecommunication devices, and employees, both local and remote.

Telematics make every position in your company easier, allowing you to keep better, more efficient track of your fleet. The way this works is that our GPS receiver communicates with our software providing you with a real-time feed of data about your fleet. The data you receive is incredibly extensive and gives you information about the current status of your vehicle. You will be know when any given vehicle is running, when it is shut off, when it is idling, where it is located and the speed it is going. When you log into your online portal, you are able to view each member of your fleet on a map.

This set of data is useful when trying to cut costs in labor and fuel. If your dispatcher notices that one of your vehicles has been idling for a longer period of time than needed, they are then able to contact that driver to find out if there are any issues that need to be attended to. your along with operating expenses, while increasing customer satisfaction, productivity, and the safety of your fleet.

If you are still in the market for GPS tracking, make sure you are choosing a GPS management system that gives you 24/7 online access to your secure fleet tracking management system with “live” reporting.  This will help everything about managing a fleet more efficient and cost effective.  When you hear the word “Telematics” think US Fleet Tracking.

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