How’s My Driving? We Already Know – Part 2

Hows My Driving GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers Replace Bumper Stickers

So far we have established that our GPS tracker gives companies and their drivers that accountability piece vital to ensuring top performance at all times. Our suite of live GPS tracking features puts responsibility back into the hands of the drivers and their managers. Instead of having to wait for a phone call from a random traveler somewhere down the road in response to the “How’s my driving” sign on the back of your truck, management will have access to tools that enable them to pinpoint where their drivers are and how they are performing every mile on the journey. This intern maximizes profits and minimizes loss. Their choice to make wise decisions is within their control. Drivers cannot however control weather, road conditions, traffic, and construction.

Since we are a company based in the heart of Oklahoma, we are no stranger to sudden weather changes and the hazards they present to travelers. These storm systems present a threat to both your drivers and your fleet. Through GPS tracking, we have made your ability to protect your fleet a priority.

With our top of the line navigational tools and products, we place in your hands the ability to redirect your drivers from the potential hazards Mother Nature presents. You have the ability to examine an array of data-from weather patterns to road construction and traffic congestion. Our integrated weather radar, with cloud cover imagery, enables our live GPS tracking to show you what is down the road, so you’re able to make the best choices for your fleet’s security and timeliness.

“Having a Live GPS system that adds Traffic conditions which are updated every sixty seconds allows a dispatcher or resource coordinator to easily guide employees around congested areas avoiding traffic jams and excessive travel time (Duncan, 2013).”

Even in terms of planning jobs that require extended periods of dry conditions or temperature control, like setting cement or pest control applications, our enhanced weather overlay can save the need to “redo” a job, or travel time and expense of mobile teams where inevitably they must postpone and reschedule assignments.

We know the efficiency of your deliveries is essential to your business success. Weather and hazardous road conditions can mean delayed shipments, stressing your mobile employees, and cutting into your profits. Imagine the potential when you use our advanced GPS management systems to guide your drivers away from delays toward a path that’s quicker, and thus, more productive.

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