How’s My Driving? We Already Know – Part 1

Hows My Driving GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers Changed The Game

Gone are the days of companies having to rely solely on the “How’s my driving?” sign to feel confident of their driver’s road performance. Thanks to our live GPS Trackers, companies have the ability to know not just a drivers etiquette on the highway, or even how safe their road mates feel: GPS tracking gives companies an entire overview of their mobile team’s efficiency level.

The technology behind the GPS tracker monitors driver’s time on the road, driving patterns, and speeds, but that’s not all. Our fleet tracking management system takes the guess work out of monitoring. In most cases the general public is not going to call to report the great things a driver is doing, and as it’s equally important to extend an ‘atta boy’ when sound decisions are made as it is to critique a mobile employee, the overview of all the  data available on the system-delivered as in-depth as a company desires-stretches far beyond what a road raged caller might bring to the table.

So if we give a company the tools to know what their drivers are doing, how does this affect their bottom line? Why is having a GPS tracker such a ‘value-add’ for all fleet companies?

We want to take time to address several of these money saving features, so we’ll start first with accountability. This piece is huge!

In a perfect world, everyone would make the best use of company resources, always exhibit their best work, and with company time ticking, would enter into a focused atmosphere free of distractions. In the world we live in though, especially away from the workplace, employees need accountability. Some individuals, intentional or not, will not wisely spend one of any companies most vital resources: time.

When an employee signs on with a company he or she is made aware of our fleet tracking management system, allowing his or her actions to be monitored at all times. If knowing that the boss is sitting in the virtual passenger’s seat isn’t a motivator, what is? And the best part: employees are empowered to show they’re doing it the right way!

Come back Monday for Part 2 of this series.

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